Bed Canopy Buying Guide

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    First, don’t confuse the bedroom canopy with the four-poster bed. The canopy is usually created from lace or similar fluffy fabrics which are draped along the edges of your fixture. Some canopies hang directly from the ceiling instead of being attached to each corner. Actually, beds don’t need any poster frames to maintain a canopy. Here are a few suggestions if you’re interested in buying these bed curtains.


Prioritize Size

Your foremost concern in purchasing a bed drape is for it to fit in your bedroom. Before anything else take the appropriate measurements particularly floor space and height of the ceiling. See to it there is enough distance between the bed and the area above it. Don’t simply estimate. You need to find out the exact size of your bed prior to choosing the Canopy bed curtains. Measure the fixture in centimeters and compare dimensions the salesperson provides.



Decide on the appropriate fabric of your bed curtains. This should match your bedroom decorations and color, lifestyle, and atmosphere. Consider maintenance as well. Linen and cotton are inexpensive that complement modern or country designs. Wool is bulky and creates a crisp and traditional look. If you love stylish drapery, go for silk which or cotton sateen which is like velvet.



For someone fond of style, buy canopy bed curtains that conform to the existing artistic flair of the bedroom. It could be conservative, exquisite, or modern. This could be a jump-off point for finding the right bed drape if you know the style of your furnishing. For example, the conventional style of bedroom goes well with customary beds. For modern rooms, homeowners like the less-ornate variety or canopy hanging from the ceiling without support.


Color is Important

Don’t overlook colors if you’re purchasing bed curtains. This would depend on the paint color of the bedroom or matching decors. Some people prefer light shades while others pick bolder colors.


Where to Buy

Make your own list of the most reputable e-commerce sites that sell canopy bed curtains. Of course, there’s,, The Curtain, Macy’,, and many others. There are also brick and mortar furniture shops, and, large department stores. For example, eBay has a wide assortment of styles at its Home Furniture Section. It also has a collection of adult and children’s beds.


What’s next?

The bedroom canopy is surely a distinct addition to any bedroom of a contemporary household. Likewise, it functions as the center piece of this most favored room in any abode. After reading this guide carefully, you can begin looking around for the product and price of your choice.


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