Bug Zapper Buying Guide

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A Range of Types and Features you can rely on

Bug zappers are widely used indoor and outdoor to attract and kill flying insects. A light source that emits ultraviolet and visible light to attract the flying insects is fitted inside a bug zapper. This light source is surrounded by two interleaved wire spirals or grids. Mains electricity powers a high voltage supply which flows and heats the flying’s insect’s body to a high temperature. However, the arrangement of these grids or spirals and impedance of bug zapper’s power supply do not drive a harmful current through the human body.


Both indoor and outdoor bug zappers are used in different settings. Most consumers who are in the market to purchase indoor bug zappers will place the device in the bedroom. With its effectiveness and usefulness, bug zappers have become essential and common household items.


They come in wide range of designs, features and shapes for versatility.

Buying a good quality bug zapper is one way to enjoy a summer night with family or friends without an uninvited guest is the form of pesky insect. Mosquito and other annoying flying insects may put a damper on a beautiful and fun evening adventure. Using bug sprays may not only pose a variety of health concerns but they can also be an expensive venture you’ll have to make repetitively. Bug zappers are good alternatives of bug sprays that may contain harmful chemicals.


Increased Effectiveness without Harmful Chemicals

Sure, there’s a wide options of bug zappers in the market today however choosing the right one for your needs can be tricky and challenging. In order to help you find the right bug zapper and simplify the shopping for you, here are some helpful steps you can use.

In order to choose the right bug zapper to use, you’ll have to make several considerations. Choosing an appropriate design can entice a variety of night flying insects so you can finally say goodbye to interrupted moments and sleepless nights. When choosing a model and design, you should consider the light, chemical and electrocutes properties of your device. Some models will allow you to add chemical attractants, replace UV lamp inside the bug zapper and easily dispose insect debris through a tray at the bottom.


Wide Coverage

On the other hand, there several bug zapper units available for outdoor needs. They can easily be placed on you patio to combat insects. There are recent models of bug zappers that offer a wide coverage and they can be solar or battery powered units. Bug zappers with garden lamp combo are not only effective at attracting and killing insects but they can also look good in your backyard.

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