Ultrasonic Cleaner Buying Guide

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Why use ultrasonic cleaner?

Deep and real cleaning using harsh chemicals and cleaners are not only risky but expensive as well. Sonic cleaner is gentle and environmentally friendly since cavitation, not chemical reactions, do the work. Aside from cleaning, it also disinfects all bacteria and contamination contained in the articles being washed. It is also a timer-saver so you have more time for other chores and it’s really the best.


How ultrasonic cleaners work?

Ultrasonic cleaners are mostly made to operate using specific ultrasonic frequencies; however, there are models available to operate through dual frequencies. Every time transducers are activated, they start vibrating based on their assigned frequency making tank bottom to vibrate as a membrane and create billions of microscopic vacuum bubbles pulsating all over the solution.

This process is called ultrasonic cavitation whereby bubbles are imploding while ejecting powerful jet liquid that is actually the cleaning solution used in blasting and hitting all contaminants from sanitized products.


Bubbles are efficient cleaners

Through cavitation, bubbles are created from just empty space and as a result, these bubbles multiply and then collapse, or implode, almost as fast as they are created. The machine is creating as much as millions of bubble per second and continuous implosion produces forceful vacuum energy forming heat and pressure. Their combination gives sonic cleaners their capability and power.


Ultrasonic cleaners are tops for jewelry

You clean your jewelry in the same way as other items but you have a better option by purchasing from big online stores like Amazon.com an ultrasonic jewelry cleaner. To start cleaning, simply submerge your jewelry into the solvent that’s made gentle as ultrasonic waves in the solution create bubbles that clear away all dirt and grime clinging to the jewelry’s surface.

In most cases, sonic jewelry cleaner requires two to three minute cleaning for optimum results.


Jewelers recommend ultrasonic jewelry cleaner

Sonic jewelry cleaner reaches parts of the jewelry that are extremely difficult to clean with traditional cleaning methods so this method completely cleans jewelry and no need to disassemble its parts. You can clean several pieces at once that is a great way of saving time and money. As cleaning is gentle, even the most delicate jewelry is safe so cleaning them as often as necessary.


Ultrasonic your fave cleaner all the way!

Until ultrasonic sensor cleaner arrived, the only way to deal with sensor dust was to dislodge them using either compressed air or a blower for the purpose of cleaning the sensor filter surface using special solutions and brushes. The idea of vibrating the filter using very high frequencies that the energy in the vibrations would dislodge dust is a creation of sonic cleaner.

Using cavitation in a relatively thin filter enables vibrating bubbles to capture the particles and wave vibrations. At its highest energy, the waves travel through the filter and flick the dust away.


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