Tongue Cleaner Buying Guide

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Why clean your tongue?

1. For a cleaner mouth as tongue cleaners scrape away excess plaque and odor-causing bacteria. When cleaning your tongue, try to reach as far back on your tongue to remove as much bacteria as possible.


2. For fresher breath after brushing, flossing and rinsing with a mouthwash. Use a tongue brush to reach as far back for cleaner mouth and keeping your breath in check.


3. To improve your sense of taste, you have to clear away the bacteria on the tongue with a tongue cleaner. Your oral health is connected to your sense of taste, overall health and quality of life.


Benefits of using a tongue scraper

  • Clears the tongue from toxins & bacteria.
  • Removes tongue coating that causes stinky breath.
  • Eliminate from the tongue undigested food debris.
  • With clean tongue, taste sensation is enhanced.
  • Overall digestive and oral health is promoted.
  • Gentle stimulator of the internal organs.
  • Awareness of your state of health is increased.


Using tongue scraper the right way

Ideal use of a tongue scraper is every day, early in the morning. Use both hands in hold the two ends of the scraper. Place scraper on the surface of your extended tongue as far back as it feels comfortable. Then gently pull the tongue scraper forward to remove the unwanted coating and dirt. Rinse the tongue scraper and repeat the same process as many as 7 to 14 times.


Use gentle strokes to remove the coating on the tongue without harming the underlying tissue. After tongue cleaning, you feel strange at first, but looking at your healthy, pink, clean tongue is a great motivation to develop this habit. With clean tongue and fresh breath, your feeling of confidence is high. Use a tongue cleaner for the best results.


Best tongue brush to buy

You can buy tongue cleaners at almost all health food stores as well as online. They are quite inexpensive so they do not affect your budget. Most people prefer the metal variety over the plastic while stainless steel is acceptable for balancing all constitutions and as well as the imbalances.


A tongue scraper must be wide enough to clean the entire tongue so by means of back to front scraping, so whatever should not be there will be removed. If you use a small tongue brush, it cannot cover width of the tongue and the tongue coating is not clean effectively. Chose a stainless steel scraper because they are easier to clean and more durable.


By cleaning, you give importance to your tongue

The tongue is a major feature of the mouth and it is essential for eating and makes it possible articulating speech. Without it, everything will be tasteless; whistle your fave melody; or chew gum and feel difficulty in swallowing. Despite its many uses, it importance is forgotten. You even forget to clean your tongue!


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