Ride-On Toy Buying Guide

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Let’s take a look at how you can select the right toddler ride on toys. It can be hard for parents to choose the right toddler ride on toys. So we have a few tips lined up that will help you find a kids car or rocking toy that will suit your child.


Safety First

No matter what the other factors are, safety always factors in first. Of course, there is no toy that is completely safe but it is best to choose those which have security features. This will help reduce probably danger to the child. Batters cars for kids or kid’s electric cars can become unsafe if the product isn’t of proper standard. Additionally, only an adult should be able to access the battery section.

There are other factors such as falls, collisions and tipping over which happens quite often with such toys.

Toddler ride on toys like foot powered toys or rockers should be simple and slow enough for the child to stop when they need to. Ride on toys like bicycles or tricycles should have a working brake. Kid’s cars should come with seat belts and the child should wear protective gear like a hard helmet. Child-proof configurations need to be present.


Speed and movement

Some ride-on toys for children are immobile. They remain stationary and can only be played on by rocking in the same area. Some ride on toys can be powered with feet and some can have steering wheels for maneuvering.

You need to consider how old the child is before you choose an appropriate ride. Some children can tip over if their dexterity hasn’t developed yet. This is essentially means that their coordination isn’t as developed yet. These types of children can never be left alone with ride-on toys. Adult supervision is an absolute must.


Child’s Preference

Children get tired of toys easily. You may end up spending a lot of money on a ride-on toy and find that your child suddenly wants a completely different one. This is why it is important to ensure your child actually likes the selected ride on toy.

It may not be the trendiest or most popular but if the child prefers it, it is more likely they will use it for longer rather than toss it aside in a few days’ time. Try to consider the child’s interests before making a purchase for a ride on toy.



Kids often get hurt and cry due to ride-on toy accidents. This is why it’s best to choose a ride-on toy such as kid’s electric cars which have a lower center of gravity. This ensures the child is less likely to tip over and be pinned down by the toy. The toy needs to be strong enough to withstand the child’s weight while providing stability at the same time.

Apart from all these factors, whether you’re buying a rocker, bicycle or an electric or battery car for kids ensure the toy is age-appropriate and that it is the perfect size for your child. This will ensure safer play.


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