Fax Machine Buying Guide

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A Straightforward Function and Design

Fax machine is relatively an old piece of technology. The idea of transmitting documents through a business fax machine has been around since 1800s. An office fax machine works by first scanning a document using the machine’s photo sensor.


The device will then transfer the image of that file into a signal where the signal is later sent down phone lines to another office fax machine. That other business fax machine will decode this signal then reproduce the file. All business fax machines conform to a protocol called the CCITT Group 3 which specifies the maximum transmission speed and data compression technique.


Despite the fast paced technology changes, there are still many consumers who recognize the importance and prefer to use fax machines over modern equipment. The classic style of transmitting documents may not promise total convenience but the process is relatively simple. Sending and receiving documents via a fax machine is pretty straightforward – faxing provides a faster way to transmit documents than regular mails and cheaper solution than an overnight delivery that’s why it is still common both in residential and business settings.


If you’re in the market for fax machines for home office, business or home use maybe you wanted to know what you should look for to make the best choices. You’ve come at the right place. Here are the things you should know before you go.


Reliable Performance

So, what makes the ideal fax machine to buy? A good machine boasts a reliable performance. The main job of any fax machine is to transmit fax messages and documents without interruptions or errors. Therefore is it is important that you should look for something you can depend on in terms of overall performance.


Quality Features

When we talk about performance, it should also include a smooth paper handling and a decent printing quality. Regardless of which brand you prefer to purchase, make sure to evaluate its features such as the automatic document feeders and paper trays that accommodate a large capacity. These features are extremely useful and important especially when you are frequently transmitting long faxes to avoid common problems such as paper jams.


Although, not everyone requires photo-quality prints from their fax machine, but choosing a machine that could at least produce legible images and documents are ideal.


Intuitive Controls and Ease of Use

The best fax machine comes with intuitive controls, clear instructions and convenience access to toner cartridges and paper. It should also come with decent technical support from the manufacturer or retailer to help you with any technical concerns. Look for a fax machine that features quality and straightforward functions and designs.


If budget is not an issue you can invest on great quality machines that can go an extra mile. Recent models of fax machines are equip with extra features to function as printer, scanner or copier.


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