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Love that lip scrub

Lip scrub is the new kid in the block but is finding its way up. How people love this excellent moisturizer that serves also as exfoliant. Made from fine sugar suspended in coconut oil and paste of shea butter, lip scrub is now part of many individual’s beauty ritual. Since lips are a fairly sensitive area of the face, use only mild exfoliant as the stronger kind will harm the skin around and on the lips. So every time you are applying any lip scrub, do it gently as you might damage and scrub off healthy skin, together with the dead skin.


Rejuvenate that smile with a lip scrub

Keep that smile on and give it life by prepping your lips at the start with a buff and polish as first step in your make-up regimen. Be sure that your lipstick smoothly glides on and remains. Use your clean middle finger to apply and allow the lip exfoliator caster sugar and the jojoba softening oil scrub away dead skin while absorbing moisture to revitalize your smile.



Fresh new layers of skin come out as lip scrubs remove dead skin from your lips. Your lips will feel softer, smoother, sexier and more kissable than ever! Women will find other benefits from scrubbing the lips.

Cosmetics are likely to stick longer with smooth lips. Lipstick and lipliner are more effective and adhere longer.

Regular exfoliation of ones lips keeps them moist while retaining moisture longer; to prevent lips from cracking.


Lip scrubs and peeling lips

Also known as cheilitis, peeling lips are unsightly on the face and symptoms of allergies, anemia or low blood count and deficiencies of certain vitamin. Do not attempt to rip dead skin from your lips for it causes trauma to your lip making it even more irritated. A remedy is to leave them alone and apply a coating of Vaseline to your lips several times a day. You can use lip balm as coverall.


Serviceable lip balm.

1. Serve as protection of sensitive lip skin from the harsh elements.

2. Apply early in the morning and more often.

3. The balm is applied before the lipstick or lip gloss.

4. Effective protection of your lips when you go outside.

5. Drink more water.

6. Use a humidifier indoors.

7. Stop licking your lips.


Lips + Sugar lip scrub = Sugarlips

Have you own lip scrub product by following recipes from the internet. They are easy to make and cost very little. This recipe is very easy to prepare and you might even make your own flavors. To avoid stripping lips of natural moisture and making chapped lips worse, do not use them more than 3-4 times per week. The finished product is sugar lip scrub. Cocoa powder, honey sugar and olive are the hydrating ingredients of the magical formula of sugarlip scrub. No one can resist licking their lips with this scrub!


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