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Light therapy is basically nothing but a kind of therapy, which is applied through light. The light has been used in different exposure as well as intensity to provide this type of therapy.

Using happy light for therapy has a few side effects. Though, this therapy is regarded as completely safe. Effectiveness of the therapy is not guaranteed. For some people, it may work terrifically. For others, the therapy could be disappointing. Common side-effects of light therapy are nausea, headache, eye strain, irritation, etc. These side-effects are generally mild in nature and they get wiped away automatically.


How does light therapy work?

It is important to know or understand how light therapy works. Different kinds of light sources are used for the light therapy. You can find sun lamp, which is commonly used for light therapy. The basic instrument that has been need for this therapy is a light box. The light box includes the light source. So, a sun lamp is put inside the light box. Now, the light box will emit light.

This light will be used for the purpose of the therapy. The light box should have UV filter otherwise emitted light may cause UV damages on the skin. For the best light box therapy, it is important to invest in good quality light box, light source and filter.


What are the benefits of light therapy?

With the help of light box therapy, different kinds of physical wellness conditions can be achieved. This therapy is regarded as highly effective and useful in a few cases for a lot of people. So, the benefits of light therapy are listed below.


1. Weight Loss

With the help of light therapy, weight loss can be achieved. This therapy has been found to enhance metabolic rate of the body. Due to increased metabolic rate, fat burning process occurs quite rapidly. Due to this reason, you tend to lose weight significantly with this therapy. Combination of healthy dieting with light therapy can do wonder for those who are suffering from obesity. With light therapy lamp, light is applied at the sections of body where fat is accumulated.


2. Pain Relief

Severe chronic pain can be stubborn. Though you try different therapies, they do not seem to leave you permanently. If you are suffering from pain, you need to undergo light therapy. This therapy can provide you significant relief against pain.


3. Hair Growth

Losing hair is a common problem for many people these days. To regain hair growth in a natural way, light therapy through light therapy lamp can be applied. In a few cases, it has been observed to have worked wonderfully.


4. Good for Depression

Above all these things, light therapy also helps treating depression. Those, who are facing the problem of depression for a long time, can try light therapy.


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