Cat Brush Buying Guide

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Cat brush suits hair type

To keep pet grooming a positive experience, it’s important to match the tool to your needs; it means choose a cat brush based on your cat’s hair. Moulting cat comb detangles knots and prevents mats from forming; short and sleek haired cats can be groomed by using bristle brush whereas for longer/thicker haired kitties are great for finishing brush.

Pin brushes for cats help removes the knots and tangles in fur to prevent matting. The dual side cat brush is useful for all types of cats especially if you have a multiple cat household; however you must be careful that metal tines of the brush will not scratch your cat’s skin.

When to groom your cat?

Brush your cat as frequently as you can although experts advise brushing longhaired breeds at least 1 or 2 times per day and for the shorthaired cats 1 to 3 times per week. Brush more often especially during a high shedding season.


Avoid cat grooming mistakes!

1. That your cat’s self-grooming is enough. Since people see their cat grooming constantly so they think it is enough. Well, it’s not. People commit the biggest mistake when they no longer brush their older cats. Brush your cat’s hair more often especially during a high shedding season.


2. Using the wrong brush. Before you begin brushing, make sure you have the right tool in hand. There are many types of brushes and combs out there, so do your research.

3. Brushing against the direction of the coat. Some people (and even some groomers) say that the direction of the brush should be against the direction of the fur. The right direction is for the brush to follow the direction of the coat but then use a blower to go against it.


4. Trying to remove mats yourself. By means of regular brushing, some mats are loose and easily detangled by regular brushing, but there are other hard and firmly entrenched mats that you need to have them clipped off by a professional groomer.


Grooming tips for your cat

A metal fine-toothed comb and a rubber or natural-bristle brush are the best kind of brush to eliminate shorthaired cat’s dead hairs for shorthaired weekly.


Brush your cat’s hair gently in the direction where it grows. To sweep the coat up, and then smooth it down again, the bristle brush is used.


Groom daily your longhaired cats using a steel cat comb. Use your fingers for any knots or carefully cut with blunt-ended scissors. You may want to get your vet to help you as it is very easy to cut the skin.


If pet grooming is a struggle to keep your cat still, try offering food treats, then by stroking and talking reassuringly. Gently start cat grooming as your cat’s attention turns to the treat.


You can buy all kinds of cat grooming brush and combs from and other big time sellers. You have first to decide which kind of brush you wish to buy for your cats.


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