Shortwave Radio Top 10 Rankings

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Shortwave radio is that radio transmission which is using shortwave radio frequencies. The range of frequencies consists of the high-frequency band to medium frequency band. It operates on the frequencies which exist in between FM and AM bands.

We announce latest rankings of best Shortwave Radio. We researched countless popular items & selected the Top 10. Before you buy, please check full rankings carefully for the best choice. Do not miss Shortwave Radio Buying Guide also.

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Sony ICF-P36 Portable AM/FM Radio
Sony ICF-P36 Portable AM/FM Radio features an external FM telescoping antenna and an internal AM antenna. It has a small footprint and would not take up too much space. The sound is clear.
  • LED tuning.
  • Battery status indicators.
  • Dedicated headphone socket for personal listening.
Sony ICFP36.CE7 Shortwave Radio
Retekess V115 Portable AM/FM/SW Radio
The sound is loud for this V115 little radio. You can use the radio in the living room and bedroom. If you want to store the station you like, you can store it in number 0 to 9.
  • Adjustable LCD display backlight.
  • TF card port.
  • Rechargeable battery.
Retekess 4331019190
CC Skywave is a small lightweight portable radio. It has 400 memory presets, direct entry keypad, signal meter. It runs approximately 60-70 hours at moderate volume on two AA batteries or it can be powered by an optional AC adapter.
  • Sleep timer.
  • Rotary volume knob.
  • Autoscan tuning.
Tecsun PL880 AM/FM/SW Longwave Radio
Tecsun PL880 AM/FM/SW Longwave Radio features a PLL synthesized digital dual conversion receiver with unparallelled sensitivity & selectivity. It has 24 hour alarm clock plus sleep timer from 0-120 minutes.
  • External shortwave antenna.
  • Carrying pouch.
  • 18650 Li-ion rechargeable battery.
Tecsun PL880 shortwave radio stations
Sony ICFP26 Portable AM/FM Radio
This compact, vertical AM/FM radio is the perfect fit for rooms where space is at a premium. It features a new LED battery status indicator and runs on two AA batteries.
  • Built-in hand strap for increased portability.
  • Earphone & headphone output.
  • Output Power: 100 mW
Sony ICFP26
Sony ICF-F10 AM/FM Radio
Sony ICF-F10 AM/FM Radio has Ferrite bar telescopic swivel antenna that can be adjusted for excellent reception and a large 3.75 inch dynamic speaker for clear, high quality sound. It has a standard size headphone jack.
  • Convenient carry strap.
  • Easy-to-use cylinder type volume control.
  • Large AM/FM dial scale panel display.
Sony ICF-F10
Sangean LB-100 AM/FM Radio
Sangean LB-100 AM/FM Radio's compact roll-cage design resists impacts and drops while remaining highly portable. It is rain resistant, dust resistant, shock resistant and rubber shock-blocks. Its 9-foot attached AC power cord can be stored on winder to prevent accidents.
  • Dynamic loudness.
  • Rugged, industrial grade.
  • 10 station memory presets (5 AM, 5 FM).
Sangean LB-100 portable radio
Sangean PR-D7 BK AM/FM Radio
The PR-D7 BK is a true ultra-compact portable AM/FM Digital radio being ultracompact in size. All controls are conveniently located and you can see the frequency and time on the display. Tone is well balanced and excellent for both talk and music.
  • Humane Wake System.
  • LCD display.
  • Fill your presets with Auto Seek.
Sangean PR-D7 BK
Panasonic RF-2400D AM/FM Radio
Panasonic RF-2400D AM/FM Radio has a Ferrite antenna for good sound and earphone or headphone jack. Its power source is battery DC - 6V x 4 or AC - 120V. The auxilliary power cord is removable.
  • 10cm speaker.
  • Audio system power output (RMS) - 770mW.
  • Carry handle.
Panasonic RF-2400D shortwave receiver
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Shortwave Radio Buying Guide

 How To Choose The Right Shortwave Radio?

In the market, one may get the variety of models associated with the shortwave radios and they vary with cost, features, complexity, and size and so on. There is no right shortwave receiver for anyone. The best one just depends on the listening interests of the user.