Shortwave Radio Buying Guide

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How To Choose The Right Shortwave Radio?

In the market, one may get the variety of models associated with the shortwave radios and they vary with cost, features, complexity, and size and so on. There is no right shortwave receiver for anyone. The best one just depends on the listening interests of the user.

However, still, there is some specification which must not be overlooked by you. Considering these features will help you in buying the one which you want.

See the frequency coverage. Shortwave frequencies that are generally considered are from the AM broadcasting band is upper end. It includes 1700 kHz till 30 MHz the minimum coverage one should search for should be 540 kHz to 30 MHz. In today’s era, most of the shortwave radio stations are tuned at 150 kHz covers the longwave band.

With the advancement in technology, most of the shortwave radios are coming in the version of the digital display. This shows the digital display of the frequency on which shortwave radio will be set on. Further, radios that are not costly usually have the analog frequency readout.

It fails to indicate the exact precise frequency. In this kind, it is really very frustrating to tune into a specific frequency. However, this one can be a good one during traveling.

Some of the shortwave radio tunes only at AM mode station and it will be really very satisfactory for listening many shortwave radio stations. Sometimes, SSC is also used by some broadcasting stations along with the aeronautical, maritime and military communications. This will expand the listening options of the users on the shortwave.

While buying the one, you should also consider the point that how many selectivity bandwidths can be chosen by the user. Some portable radio gives the feature of choosing in between narrow and wide selectivity bandwidths. In fact, some of these desktops kinds can give the facility of selecting 5 selectivity bandwidths. Narrow one will let the user reduce the interference. Keep in mind that on narrowing the selectivity, audio quality will get reduce.

Some of the portable radios have the built-in telescoping antenna so, there is no provision of an external antenna. However, some of the built-in telescoping antennae have the jack which gives you the facility of connecting it with the external antenna. You will find the connectors in Tabletop shortwave radios to serve for the external antennas.

The main purpose served by the external antennas is that they provide the better reception. But the built-in antennas give you the opportunity to listen most of the international broadcasting. These antennas may give poor reception inside the buildings that have the steel frame. In such situations, the external antenna will help you in getting better reception.


Why Shortwave Radio

Shortwave radio is meant for the radio broadcast which is similar to the medium wave and these travel reliably for the longer distances. It serves the international broadcasting.


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