Hdmi Cables Buying Guide

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    When it comes to HDMI Cables there are 4 main types:

  • Standard speed with Ethernet
  • Standard speed without Ethernet
  • High speed with Ethernet
  • High speed without Ethernet


Video, Audio & More

A standard HDMI Connection has 19 pins that can pass video and audio data to the computer but thanks to the added Ethernet functionality that many new HDMI Cables have, it has become possible to connect to the internet as well. High & Standard Speed cables with Ethernet support cost more than their non-Ethernet counterpart and provide an easier access to the internet. Ethernet support doesn’t impact the overall experience and depends entirely on your preference. If you already have a connection set-up then opting for the HDMI cables without Ethernet support is the best idea.


Does Build Quality Matter

One question that almost everyone looking for an HDMI Cable wonders about is whether paying extra for that brand new extra durable HDMI cable is really worth it? Well, the answer might depend on your preferences. Having a higher quality HDMI cable doesn’t affect the quality of the video or audio being transmitted but if you’re looking for an HDMI cable for long term use then buying an HDMI cable with a better build quality is definitely the way to go. But keep in mind, since HDMI Cables with Ethernet are still relatively new the number of devices that support HDMI Ethernet connection is definitely in the minority.


Standard Speed Or High Speed?

The only thing that truly matters when you’re looking for an HDMI Cable is how fast it can transmit data. The transfer speed of an HDMI Cable determines the maximum video resolution it can output. A Standard HDMI Cable can only output up to 1080p videos without their being a noticeable change in quality. High-Speed HDMI Cables can go well beyond 1080p and can even deliver seamless 4k at 60FPS. Naturally, High-Speed HDMI Cables cost more than Standard Cables. The only reason you should buy a High-Speed HDMI Cable is when you already have a 4K/2K monitor or TV. Additionally, you don’t need to buy any “special” HDMI cable for 3D videos, 120 or 240Hz, or Audio Return Channel (ARC) since a High-Speed HDMI Cable already has the abilities to provide all these features.


Keep It Short

Unlike analog signals, digital signals that pass through an HDMI Cable deliver the whole packet or nothing. A longer HDMI Cable means more resistance and distance for the Digital Data to travel which can result in data loss. In most cases, having a short or medium length HDMI Cable that is flexible is the ideal approach for the best video quality.

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