Dog Training Collar Buying Guide

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It is important to be careful about what collars you buy. No pet owner wants to put their best friend through undue discomfort. Buy only those collars which are from a good make and meet the voltage and power safety guidelines.


Dog Shock Collar With Remote

An electric dog collar with a remote allows you to control the voltage from far away. Everytime your dog does something you want it to stop, you can hit the switch on. This discourages the dog from continuing, and helps put a stop to behaviours you don’t want.


There is no need to be afraid about hurting your dog, the charge only needs to be set to a minimal level. This ensures that the animal feels some discomfort, but does not feel pain. By eliminating unwanted behaviors you can teach the dog what you want it to do using the dog training shock collar.


Rainproof Collars

During e collar training, which is normally outdoors, you may get caught in the rain from time to time. If you live in a place where it rains a lot, you should consider buying a rainproof collar. Note that it is rainproof and not waterproof. It is not advisable to use an electric dog collar if there is a risk of being completely drenched.

The rainproof dog shock collar with remote is just water resistant and not waterproof. The remote and the dog training shock collar should both be kept away from water.


Collar Sizes

These are usually characterized by breed and age and the collars themselves are highly adjustable. As long as you get the rough range correct, buying an e collar online should not be a problem.


Remote Range

Depending on how large your training area is, you should pick a dog shock collar with a remote range that is sufficient. The standard range for the remote is above 800 feet and goes upto 1600 feet although that range is probably more than sufficient. The farther away the dog is, the longer it takes for the remote to transfer the signal. So at all times when using this equipment, be on your toes so that your commands reach on time.


Other e Collar Training features

Some collars come with features to vibrate and produce a beeping noise. Each of these can be used to condition a different response in your dog. Using all of this effectively will help your training along nicely. Some e collars also come with a clicker to train your canine companion to expect treats as a reward for good behaviour.


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