Carport Buying Guide

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Why have carports?

Like a portable garage, your car is safeguarded from damages resulting from the elements as well as from wear and tear from the weather. It will keep your vehicle looking beautiful for much longer.


It is an additional home safety factor since burglars are less likely to enter homes with carports in front because they consider carports an obstruction for access or getaway. As a space-saver, most car ports come with shelves. This innovation will provide extra storage.


Carport is better than a garage

Portable carports are cost effective. As a temporary garage, you do not need a building permit. It can be constructed in a single afternoon so minimal charge from a contractor. You can do it DIY as most carports come in easy-to-construct, ready-to-go kits that include everything you’re going to need, pre-cut and sized, with the exception of tools.


Car entry won’t be a hassle. Why deal with the misery of numb fingers, a wet seat, or intolerable heat for your car inside a garage during winter or summer? With a carport, all these hassles are eliminated.


By protecting your vehicle from the elements, you will need less time getting ready each day, and your commute will be more comfortable as well!


Portable garage or carports move with you. A portable carport is non-permanent and affordable. When you are done with property tenancy, you can easily disassemble the carport and carry it with you anywhere.


Say goodbye to bird droppings, hail dents, tree branch damage, and other debris. With a garage tent protecting your vehicle, you won’t have to worry about these issues.


If you love a stylish carport design, choose from these designs

Considered as the most common design of carport, it can be made to suit your property. The roof has not pitch as it is almost completely flat. You can easily have this type constructed in any open area or even beside side your home.


Gabled roof has two sloping sides that meet at the top in a point; it appears like a triangle when viewed from the front. Its span is wider and it offers increased versatility compared to a flat roof. Sound drainage is easily maintained and the angle can be customized based on your requirements.


Hip roof maintains slopes on all four sides. All these sides meet at the top, at a ridge called as the “hip”. They are normally all of equal length. The slopes have angles that are gentle and do not have steep inclines. They can complement your home’s existing roof with ease.


Carport is the best option for you

This temporary garage is readily and easily available with the structure requiring just one-time investment without any additional maintenance cost. It does not matter whether you have one or more cars. Carports are cost-effective solution to parking your valuable vehicles in a safe place.


Carports are customized in different designs, shapes and sizes. It depends on the size of your space and the number of vehicles you have. Resistant to corrosion and easy to install, these structures last longer and require low installation cost.


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