Hobby RC Cars Buying Guide

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Nitro or Electric RC cars?

Electric RC cars are those which run on rechargeable batteries and ‘nitro’ RC cars are those which run on fuel. Making the decision between buying a Nitro or Electric RC car is very important, you should go with the option which is the most convenient and best for you. . Both of these types has plus points and down points of their own, you should consider them before making a choice.


RTRs and KITs:

RTR means Ready to Run/Race. This means that all the components that’ll be needed to run the car will be included in the package. However, the fuel is not included in the package with nitro RC cars because most postal services do not allow flammable content to be shipped. RTR contains all the needed servos, radio system, and the motor required to run the car. A kit, on the other hand, is a car which needs to be assembled or doesn’t come with all the parts that are required to run it. You may need to get your car assembled or purchase some parts for it which are required to make it run separately.  



Maintenance is a very important thing to consider when you get an RC car. You wouldn’t want a car that would make you stick to the bench fixing it all the time, you’d want a car that doesn’t need to be fixed all the time and would allow you to have fun by racing with it and speeding around your yard. Nitro RC cars require more maintenance as compared to Electric RC cars both before and after you run them.

Tuning Nitro RC cars can also be very difficult for beginners and can drive them nuts. Whereas Electric RC cars are comparatively a lot easier, all you need to do is charge up your batteries and you’re ready to go. Although you’d probably need to have a couple of battery packs handy because one battery pack will last only about 10-15 minutes and will take up to 1-2 hours to charge again.


Name Brands:

You should opt for good branded cars or majorly stock cars on eBay. Though Brand Name cars do cost more maintaining them is a lot easier. If you choose a good car from a good brand, you’ll easily get spare parts for your car from a hobby store and if you choose a car with a not so good brand you’ll have a really tough time to get spare parts for your car.


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