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What is a light tent?

A light tent is a semi-transparent fabric tent that distributes incoming light. If you want to photograph a highly reflective object without capturing any reflections then a light tent would help you to achieve the image you require. Light tents are often used when photographing jewelry or precious stones for product catalogues. An innovative technique uses macrophotography with a light tent to produce images with extreme detailed images without any distracting reflections on the surface.


A look inside a light tent kit

A photo light box or light tent kit contains: one pop-up 30” light tent & one pop-up 12” inch cube light tent; two lights with their own adjustable stands; two daylight fluorescent bulbs 30W, 5400K; one tripod; a carrying case; and two sets of black, blue, red & white fabric used as background backdrops for each light tent.


DIY tent

Build yourself a DIY easy-to-assemble photo tent utilizing a box, fabric, lights, standard office supplies (a ruler, glue and tape) and white Bristol board. By cutting Cut out the box wall and leave intact the borders and bottom of the box. Affix an unbent piece of Bristol board to the box. Cover the remaining holes with fabric. There will be two adjustable 60W desk lamps, with halogen bulb of 2900K to illuminate the light tent. The backdrops are cut to size from standard poster board. It is a photo light box that is homemade and serving the same purpose.


Light tent kit versus DIY

Use of ease – The photo tent kit that comes with a lighting stands have greater range and reach compared with an ordinary desk lamp, but they cannot get any lower. Careful handling and attention are required for the back; however, poster boards that are DIY versions are easily replaced than the fabric ones from the kit.

In the ease of portability, light tent kit has the edge for it comes with its own carrying case. Light DIY tent are easily folded down flat thus making easy storage. You can simply put back the two desk lamps or returned them if they are borrowed until it is time for another session.

In cost, DIY light tent is the clear winner in the cost department, particularly if you already own a desk lamp or two, which are the priciest elements.


Using softbox light

Softbox is composed of a translucent cloth that is attached to a light source as studio strobe or speed light on a light stand. The color for the interior is white or silver and for the exterior, the color is black that wrapped the box with a cover of wire-framed and a diffusion panel is over the front. Color black exterior does not allow lights from spilling out and reflecting back in the studio.


Softbox light is diffused into a pleasing soft, even light. Softbox shape can vary from octagonal to rectangular to square to a long strip of light. When used properly, softbox light diminishes harsh shadows. The closer the model or subject is to the softbox, the softer is the appearance of the light imitating the light from the window.


Photo background tent is your best option to get brighter and clearer image. You may but thee kit or do it yourself. Whichever, your pictures will look like taken by a pro!


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