Guitar Tuners Buying Guide

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The best Guitar Tuners will come in a variety of shapes and sizes. This is why we recommend you to focus on finding the right size depending on your desired features. It will be a bit challenging at first, but the quality and value are there, so keep that in mind. Some will even want rack mounted units, as those are large, feature-filled and easier to transport around!

Basic models tend to have a LED display, and they will have only 6 pitches most of the time. You will note that the chromatic tuners tend to allow instruments to receive tuning for all the 12 pitches, so this will indeed work to your own advantage in the end.


What instrument are you tuning?

Tuning a guitar or bass will provide you with a multitude of choices that you can focus on. Electronic tuners are great here. Some tend to have a small microphone that will help detect the sound of that instrument. Others will be more focused on detecting the vibration to get into the tune. However, you can also find electronic models that deliver a hybrid method, a combination of the two aforementioned ones.


Tuning forks are great as they can produce the sound of the A note. The process can be challenging to do with other tuners, but these tuning forks do it naturally. Pitch pipes can also come in handy, as they tend to emit six tones that correspond to the six strings of your guitar. These work great if you are in a noisy environment. If the product also has tone generators, then things can be even better.


Picking the right type of guitar tuner

There are a multitude of guitar tuner types out there. People tend to like the clip on or headstock tuners because you can easily clip them to the guitar and you don’t need to hook up an additional unit. Pedal tuners are great since they can be placed at your feet. The tabletop tuners and rack tuners tend to be larger and harder to handle, but they are more complex and deliver a very comprehensive display and info.

Also, you will find that there are dedicated guitar tuning apps on the smartphone or you can find some built-in preamp tuners too! It all comes down to what you find more accessible and easier to use in the end.


Tuner functions and features

Obviously, there are some people that just need regular guitar tuning. However, there will be times when you need something a bit more complex. If that’s the case, you will have to write down a list with the features that you need. The advanced guitar tuners tend to have a microphone, speakers, metronomes, silent tuning, automatic pitch detection, special tuning modes and a display. Whether you need these or not, it’s all up to you, and it will just make the purchase process easier.


Study all the features listed above, and you will have no problem finding the right guitar tuner to suit your needs. Check it out, and in the end, you will certainly appreciate the quality and value delivered by these units.


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