Coconut Water Buying Guide

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Its Mother Nature’s sports drink

Some of the many benefits attributed to coco water as America’s latest health craze are: low in calorie; naturally free from fat and cholesterol; more potassium content than four bananas, and provide optimum hydration.


It is called by traders and drinkers “Mother Nature’s sports drink” for good reasons. Celebrities Madonna; Anna Paquin, Chris Pine, Elizabeth Banks, and all Olympic athletes alike are endorsing its hydration benefits for the body, as well a number of body ailments from hangovers to kidney stones and cancer.


It’s good for you

Speaking about nutrition, coconut juice contains approximately: 46 calories per cup, 10 grams of natural sugar, with little protein and zero fat. It teems with minerals, phytochemicals and multiple vitamins.


Coconut juice has: (1) Potassium – its prime nutrient about 600 milligrams or 12% daily value, making it a high electrolyte beverage; (2) Sodium – about 40 milligrams; (3) Calcium and Magnesium – up to 10%. (4) Electrolytes maintain the volume of the blood. It maintains a healthy heart and keeps the body well-hydrated. If body maintains electrolyte levels, it can reduce fatigue, stress and help muscles to relax. (5) Coco juice contains an extraordinary blend of the B & C vitamins, powerful micronutrients plus the healthy phytohormones.


The reliable coco water

Coconut water should not be confused with coconut milk that comes from those hard brown and hairy coconuts. Coconuts are best when they’re young, about nine months old. At that point, they’re just filled with water. Local communities in developing countries depended on coconut water to replenish and re-hydrate after illness or even childbirth.


Due to its electrolyte content, coconut water improves nervous system functions and nerve transmission. It alleviates and prevents cramps as well as muscle spasms. Rich in cytokinin, coco water protects cells from cancer and makes slower the aging process.


Buy the healthiest coconut water

Packaged coconut water has been flooding the market recently. In the groceries, they are sold in bottles and in blue & green cartons; they are available in carbonated, flavored, frozen, powdered and sweetened form. With all these choices it can be confusing and difficult to know if you are choosing the best one.


Your best option is to look for coconut juice that underwent the least processed so it maintains majority of its nutrients. The best coco water is directly sourced from a fresh coconut – but, of course not sold in stores.


Coco craze

Coconut water is always found in almost all grocery stores. See piles of coconut water in cans with mouth-watering photos of tops-sheared off young, green coconuts, with poking out straw. These blue and green boxes create an imagination of cool, tropical breezes in a magical island. Some vendors even sell the real thing. Coconut water is all that it was meant to be. Coconut drink generally has fewer calories and added sugar than fruit juice. Join the coco water drinkers; enjoy a cool drink and all the benefits it gives.


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