Slow Cooker Buying Guide

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Types of slow cookers

The two basic types of slow cookers: standard model with its traditional appearance and the ‘travel-friendly’ or portable cookers with lids that lock to minimize spills. If you plan on taking your crock pot to potluck dinners or socials, you may want to opt for a portable type rather than a standard model.


Choosing slow cooker

Select slow cooker with appropriate size that is essential if you want a practical counter appliance suitable for your needs. Size matters if you entertain a lot; ease in planning meals ahead; cooking large batches of pasta sauce; and so on. Many homes have more than one size. However, is storage is a problem, the most versatile size if you can only have one, is a 5-quart.


Best features for your slow cooker

1. The most advanced feature is the programmable setting, which is offered on many models. Crock pot with timer will enable you to set the cooker to start at a certain time then it unattended and return later to serve slow cooker meals.

2. Another notable feature is an automatic ‘Keep Warm’ setting, which often accompanies a programmable feature. Models that are programmed usually have settings that are Low and High that can be used as a manual set slow cooker.

3. Removable ceramic inserts are standard and they clean up well. Years ago, off-white inserts were standards; however, many slow cookers today have black inserts. Range of exterior finishes includes various patterns that are colorful to stainless modern steel.

4. A few slow cooker models have temperature probes that help you to monitor the temperature if the meat is cooked. You are ensured by these handy features that you don’t overcook or undercook meat.


When the price is right!

Slow cooker gives you lots of value. They tend to be reasonably priced and you will use the appliance for many years. Prices vary considerably from $10 to $100 and higher prices for high-end models due to various features and sizes of slow cookers.


Why you need a crock pot

Have easy time cooking

One of the main attractions of slow cooker is the ease of cooking, opt for a crock pot with timer, so you can set the time to start and lave the pot unattended.


You save time

If you are pressed for time in the morning, you can prepare everything for your cooking needs on the previous night.


You save money

Save money with slow cooker meals that are great methods for cooking cheaper cuts like brisket of beef, shoulders of pork & lamb, etc.


And much more..

You save lots of oil as contents won’t stick when there is adequate moisture in the pot. And you go easy with fat on your meat either because your slow cooker will have a tightly sealed lid, the liquid won’t evaporate.


Buy it now!

If you want nutritious from hot food with no hassle, purchase a slow cooker. Crocker pot is a durable cooking implement and long lasting. With the process of cooking slowly, your meat stew will be extremely tender and juicy. This will be the beginning of many hearty tasty meals your whole family will savor!


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