Compressed Air Duster Buying Guide

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How often will you be using them?

Here are a few things to think about when you are buying a compressed air duster. Air dusters are great for thorough cleaning, so it is important to note how often you need thorough cleaning. If it is for home use, you shouldn’t be going through too many cans of air spray.

If you need it to clean a workshop or an industrial unit, you may go through cans very quickly as these spaces require regular cleaning, sometimes twice or thrice a day. You can buy them in packs of two to six online. Depending on the brand these can cost you anywhere between $12 to $ 35.


What do you need to clean?

If you need to dig in to a lot of tight and narrow spaces, you should get an air spray that has an aiming tube attached to it. This allows you to fight off dirt that sits in tight spaces and creates a build up over time. Perfect examples of this would be ridges in tables and machines that are too tight for a hand or even finger to fit through. These can be difficult to clean even when you have the right kind of equipment on hand.


Electric air dusters

Needless to say, these are significantly more expensive than the air spray cans. However, they are great for regular cleaning, particularly as part of an industrial process that involves a lot of dust. The devices use high levels of air pressure to eliminate dust from surfaces.

Depending on the brand and model type, you can pick up an electric air duster for anywhere between $40 to $120. These are also a more eco friendly alternative to compressed cans of air spray since they are reusable.


Air dusters for the workplace

This makes the cleaning process so much easier for your support staff. If you are running multiple shifts using your office equipment, then it is ideal for you to get things cleaned up really quickly. Another huge advantage of air dusters at the workplace is that you can keep things spick and span for those who have dust allergies.

Normally, dusting a place results in allergic attacks, but with air dusters, the process becomes much more effective.


Air dusters for the home

The uses are largely the same as mentioned in the above categories, however, keep the air dusters out of the reach of children and young adults. The contents are known to have addictive side effects that result in abuse of the substance. It is best to get an air duster that is laced with bitter ant to discourage this practice. Bitter ant was introduced in order to combat this problem.


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