Ankle Weight Buying Guide

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Choose your fabric

Different brands of ankle weights are available in the market and they have a large variety of fabric types. Again, the look of the ankle weight may be important to you. You might possibly like an ankle weight with shiny fabric better than a matte fabric ankle weight set, a sleek, neoprene look or a more classic, blue nylon style. An important factor to consider while selecting the best ankle weights for you is to also make sure that they suit your style as well as your fitness routine.


It should also be considered that where you will be using your ankle weights when choosing ankle weight fabric. If you plan to exercise outdoors in rainy weather, made of waterproof fabric would be a better option for you.



Ankle weights are something that comes in use on a regular basis and this fact puts strain on them so you should be careful while choosing them, otherwise it is possible that they could break apart on you while you are in the middle of a routine and can cause serious injury.


When buying Strength Training Ankle Weights for yourself, be sure to look for frayed ends or take a careful look at the stitches to make sure that the making material will be able to hold the weights well enough as you move.


Weight Variations

For people who are looking for their first pair and are new in using ankle weights, they should be utterly careful to buy those ankle weights that will prove suitable for them because if they buy the wrong pair it will deeply affect their exercises.


Ankle weights commonly vary in ½ lbs. and go as high as 25 lbs. for serious athletes. It is a better idea that you first try some weights in your local gym or with a therapist to determine which weights will be a good fit for you.



Based on the way you plan to use your weights, there are two main fillings which are usually used: sand and water.



Sometimes sand-filled ankle weights can prove to be somewhat heavier than their water-filled alternatives, so if you are looking for a greater resistance, the sand-filled one might be the most suitable kind for you.



The weight of these ankle weights is adjustable to a specific extent as they allow you to simply fill them up according to the desired amount. If you are someone who would take your weights along with you when you travel, then these ankle weights will prove to be a more handy option because you will be able to just empty them out and refill whenever you need.



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