Cat Toy Buying Guide

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The Physical and Mental Benefits

Every genuine cat lover knows and understands the importance of keeping their cats physically fit, mentally alert and happy. Boredom can easily dull their senses and may result to health problems. This is where the importance of kitty toy and interactive catnip enters the scene. Interactive toys and catnip do not only offer entertainment but they also provide health and mental benefits to your feline pal.
Cat toys are known to provide physical and mental stimulation.


The market is constantly evolving to provide catnip and interactive pet toys to meet this need. A regular playtime using kitty toy can contribute hugely to your cat’s senses and natural instincts while keeping them entertained despite its indoor life. Aside from developing their hunting skills, kitten toy can provide valuable exercise to your cat and strengthen the much needed feline-human bond to feel like part of your family.


Cat toys come in different forms, shapes and vibrant colors to make them visually appealing and interesting for your furry buddy. If you want to whip out the kitten toys and take advantage of the benefits they provide, here are some tips to help you find the right toy that can satisfy your furry friend’s hinting and entertainment desires.


Safe and Sturdy Construction

There’s a plenty of quality materials to choose from when buying cat toys in the market. Whether you are planning to buy catnip or cat toy made from plastic or polyester fabric make sure it is FDA approved. Be sure the toy is not only made from high quality materials, but it should also meet or exceed applicable safety standards. Playing with catnip that meets the strict quality and safety requirements of the industry is an absolute bliss in every playing session.


Whether you want to make playtime outside or inside your dwelling place, make sure the cat toy is durable enough to withstand not only the scratching and biting but also the different environmental conditions. By spending a few dollars on a high quality and durable cat toy, you are making an investment knowing that your cat will be able to enjoy the catnip for many years to come. Don’t be afraid to invest on a toy that can handle the roughest player!


Expertly designed

If you want to make the most out of your investment, choose delightful catnip with amazing features that your cat will definitely enjoy. Leading pet toy manufacturers incorporate special features to fuel your cat’s desire to chase, stalk and play all day. Some features include an electronic sound that provides a realistic squeaking sound of a mouse and even realistic fur texture that your cat won’t be able to resist.

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