Coffee Creamer Buying Guide

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If you want a healthy coffee creamer then it is best to look for a non dairy creamer or a vegan coffee creamer. Focus on natural creamer products which aren’t full of harmful ingredients.


Which coffee creamers to avoid

Avoid thickening agents

Most of the coffee creamers in grocery store aren’t actually made with cream. They have a ton of thickening agents to give them the creamy texture. Carrageenan is the most commonly used thickening agent and this is carcinogenic. It can also cause gastrointestinal problems. Other thickening agents to avoid would be cellulose gum or gel and polysorbate 60.


Avoid artificial flavorings

A lot of flavored creamers with special aromas like vanilla or coconut aren’t safe at all. They’re totally artificial. Any that is artificial will contain harmful chemicals that could potentially cause health issues in the future. There are several side effects to ingesting artificial ingredients such as depression and headaches.



Avoid coffee creamers that have ingredients which will extend their shelf life. The side effects range from heart palpitations to hormone imbalances, headaches, allergies and maybe cancer as well.

Other types of creamer ingredients to avoid would be artificial sweeteners, heavy cream and added sugars.


Healthy Coffee Creamer

Non Dairy creamers are generally considered a healthier option as they are natural products. Non dairy creamers come in many flavors like Irish cream, hazelnut, vanilla and a lot more. These store-bought coffee creamers will save you a lot of time that would otherwise be spent whipping up your own creamer.


Non Dairy options

There are several non-dairy options out there. These are good for cutting calories while still adding a rich and creamy taste to the coffee. These options come in flavors that are not only safe but heavier and creamier than you could imagine. The most common types of milk used for these creamers would be coconut milk, almond milk, soy milk and cashew milk.

These types of creamers are the healthier option when compared to the dairy based alternatives. It is also quite alright for those with lactose intolerance to consume these healthy coffee creamers. All the flavors you experience while drinking these creamers are natural and will add to your refreshment.


The vegan coffee creamer

Many vegetarians out there find it hard to enjoy their mornings without a cup of coffee with organic milk. It is hard to find the flavor enhancement and the creamy texture that the dilution of milk provides the coffee. But there are several brands out there that offer great vegan coffee creamers with a high quality of ingredients and taste consistency.

Jot down a few coffee creamers you’re interested in and try them over a period of time. You will soon find the one you like best and which works for you. Always be aware of the fact that you will need to check the calorie content in case you’re on a diet.


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