Cat Activity Tree Buying Guide

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Construction and Design

The appearance and design of the cat tree are the first things that should be considered. You should determine the design that will be suitable for you and your cat. You should also ensure that the construction is strong and quality construction materials were used to make it.



For some past decades, carpet cat trees have been the norm. A carpet cat tree is a cat tree that is mostly covered in carpet. The more latest and more modern cat trees are constructed out of wood, or manufactured wood. The majority of wooden cat trees have some sort of padding, carpet or other materials to make them softer to make them more comfortable for cats.


Interactivity and Engagement

You should look for a cat tree that will function to provide your cat a place for its favorite activities. If your cat is fond of climbing a lot, then you should definitely opt for a tree in which your pet would be able to do a lot of vertical movements. If your pet is kind of lazy and loves to naps all the time, then picking a cat tree which has a comfortable resting surface will be the right choice for you.


Scratching Posts / Scratching Pads

If your cat loves scratching, like most cats do, then you should opt for a cat tree with multiple cat scratchers. If there is a scratching post for your cat, it will be still good to look for a cat tree that also has this feature installed in it. Cats use scratching as one of the ways to mark their territory.


Age of Your Cat

Buying a cat tree also depends on how old your pet is. If your cat is aged and doesn’t move around a lot, choosing a small cat tree will be a better option.

But although, if your cat is young and active then you should opt for a tall tree that will provide more places for it to climb, scratch and play.


Pet Size and Weight

You should make sure that the holes of tubes or tunnels in cat trees are big enough to allow your pet to move around easily. Cat trees available in the market are not usually made for extra-large cats so it is important that you are attentive to the size dimensions. Also, be sure that the parts of the cat trees are strong enough to hold the weight of the cat as well.


Does It Look Good

If you plan to buy a cat tree that you expect to be around for a long time, then you should hold the same criteria for choosing it that you use while shopping for the perfect living room furniture. The cat tree might be mainly for your cat but it’ll be better to buy one which doesn’t make your place look bad but instead makes it look good.


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