Energy Drink Buying Guide

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What are energy drinks?

Energy drinks are marketed as beverages and energy supplements that boost mental and physical performance. Most common stimulant is caffeine but some brands contain other plant-based stimulants as natural energy drinks, such as guarana and ginseng. The amount of caffeine in a can or bottle of energy drink ranges from 80 mg to over 500 mg.


Benefits of energy drinks

1. Many energy drinks provides natural energy using 100% juice in their product, so consumers are getting a boost of natural energy.

2. Boosts your immune system with healthy nutrients and antioxidants that work hard to fend off the damaging effects caused by free radicals on cells.

3. Has less calories for it does not contain high amounts of sugar. In fact, you get 40 % fewer calories but still enjoy the benefits of sustained energy levels.

4. Sustains vitality because the best energy drinks contains organic juices without the traditional sugar and caffeine; so are ideal sports drinks.

5. Is an excellent source of daily fibers that prevent heart disease, diabetes, weight gain, and some cancer types.


What’s in energy drinks?

Caffeine is one of the main ingredients in energy drinks so it is better to consume more energy drinks than cups of hot coffee. Most energy drinks are sold in large cans that are teeming with sugar. Also one of the amino acids; taurine is a building block of protein. Many natural energy drinks have herbs like Ginseng and Gingko Biloba, as well as glucuronolactone and inositol (types of carbohydrates).


Lose weight with energy drinks

Energy drinks speed up calorie burning because they contain caffeine. However, the effect is minimal; however, as reported by Columbia Health, caffeine from energy drinks burn fewer than 100 extra calories per day. But you need to burn 3,500 more calories to lose 1 pound of body fat. Relying on healthy energy drinks alone, you need over a month to accomplish weight loss.


Who consumes energy drinks?

Energy drinks and shots remain popular with older American millennials from ages 27-37 years are on their way to parenthood. Millennials are great consumers of energy supplements increasing their energy drink consumption from 55 % to 61 % from 2014 to 2015. Athletes advocate sports drinks as an energy booster in games and competitions.


Energy drinks improve brain function

Another popular reason to consume energy drink is to increase mental alertness by improving brain function. A number of researches confirmed the potency of energy drinks to improve brain function to include, concentration, memory and reaction time, while reducing mental fatigue.

Many researchers speculated that increase in brain function is caused solely by caffeine, while others believed that it is due to combo effects of caffeine and sugar in the energy drinks.


Enjoy some benefits with energy drinks

Since energy drinks promise some benefits, purchase now and increase your brain function and energy. Be revitalized when you’re tired or sleep-deprived; with these healthy energy drinks. But limit your intake to 16 ounces (473 ml) per day and stay away from ‘energy shots.’

Also minimize your intake of caffeinated beverages to avoid the harmful effects of too much caffeine. Just like athletes, you consider these sports drinks as energy boosters.


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