Carbon Monoxide Detectors Buying Guide

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Types of Carbon Monoxide Detectors

If you are looking for a reliable and useful carbon monoxide detector for your house, you will have three main types to opt out of (with some overlap between them).



If you are looking for an easily affordable CO detector and are not wanting to spend much on it, but you need a detector that will ensure that you know that it will do the main job you want it to, then a basic CO detector will be the best choice for you. This type of detectors provide you with carbon monoxide detection functions and features an alarm to alert you when the CO in the air is about to reach over a certain level.

A decent basic carbon monoxide detector can be found for as little as $15 to $20, with the varying model that costs a bit extra because of a special feature like a digital display. These detectors can be found in both, battery-powered and hardwired options.


CO and Smoke Detector Combo

If you are looking to save yourself from the fuss of buying and a getting a smoke detector and a CO detector installed in your home, then you will have a plenty of combo options that you can choose from. Carbon monoxide and smoke detector combinations usually come for a bit more than only a basic CO detectors, but a fairly basic model can be found that will only cost around $20-$30.


By going with these options you can manage to save your time by not having to deal with multiple installations and will also prove to save you money in comparison to by going for buying both detectors separately.


Smart carbon monoxide detectors

This kind of carbon monoxide alarm detects threatening levels of carbon monoxide in the air, it will send a message to your smart phone too apart from alerting you with the alarm. If you are a person who stays connected through your phone, these kind of devices will definitely increase your ease and functionality.


Power Source

These detectors are electronic devices, carbon monoxide detectors also require an electrical power source to function. Usually, four different kinds of power sources are used in the detectors on this site. These power sources are: replaceable batteries, non-replaceable batteries, plug into the receptacle with battery backup, and hard-wired.


Ease of Use

The thing about Battery-powered carbon monoxide detectors is that they require to have their batteries replaced quite often, which can prove to be a difficult task due to the reason where the batteries are located in the machine and how much work it is to remove the old ones.



A CO detector has to be loud enough that it is able to alert everybody in the house about a problem when it occurs.

Because of that reason, you need to make sure to opt for a CO detector that is loud enough to be able to wake up even the heaviest sleepers in your home. Most manufacturers usually list a decibel level for their monoxide detectors. Units with 85 decibels are quite common.


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