Correction Tape Buying Guide

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Using a correction tape efficiently

Correction tapes and fluids are helpful little tools that save the day when it comes to editing either written or printed text. It can be used to cover up ink just as efficient as it covers print.

Correction fluid is also called liquid paper or white out tape. It is the best tool to use to remove undesired text and errors. The liquid paper, contrary to its name, dries immediately, allowing you to write over it right away. White out tape can be bought in the form of a large spool for typewriter use or as a handheld device for written text or other types of projects.


How to use a handheld correction tape

Find a firm surface to place the paper on such as a table or countertop. Hold the white out tape right at the beginning of the text you want to go over. Set the tip of the correction tape applicator firmly over the paper and make sure the entire width of the tip of the tape is in proper contact with the paper.

Also, check if the bottom edge of the correction taps is perfectly lined up with the bottom of the line or word you wish to correct. Hold the applicator at an angle that is away from the paper so that only the tip of the correction tape touches the paper. Now, apply firm pressure and move the correction tape slowly across the text. Once you’re done, just pick the applicator up off the sheet. This will automatically break the correction tape.

You can repeat this process to cover up other lines, or you can reuse over the same text you just covered up in case any of the text was too large to be covered up in one go.


How to use typewriter correction tape

Select the “Correct” Key on your typewriter and this should automatically apply the correction tape to the previous letter typed. The key is mostly a backwards arrow that has an ‘x’ in the middle. You can find this near the backspace key. But this does depend on the model of your typewriter. Pressing the ‘Backspace’ key will let you move to the end of a character on the line that needs correction. Press the ‘Correct’ key now to activate the correction tape. Now hold down ‘Correct’ Key, type the letter that needs correction if the area that is to be corrected isn’t stored in the memory of the typewriter.

One of the best correction tapes is the tape is tear resistant and is a film based tape. It goes on completely dry and has integrated twist caps that avoid tears. The mini twist write out correction tape is compact to carry around and its design is convenient for storing the product efficiently.


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