Drain Opener Buying Guide

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Types of drain cleaners

There are two main types of liquid drain cleaners on the market today: the chemical and enzymatic. Chemical drain cleaners are most commonly used drain openers on the market. Chemical cleaners emit heat through a process of chemical reaction to break down the clogged substance. Enzymatic openers feed on organic waste material like hair or food particles. This is a safer alternative enzymatic as drain cleaners don’t contain the hazardous chemicals that can damage pipes and harm the environment.


For those looking for drain openers, they might try these options:

1. Chemical treatments are simply poured into shower, sink or tub with stubborn clogs. Heavier than water, they dropped through standing water get into the drain and reach the clogged sink. Products with foaming action fill the pipe to allow the product to contact and attack the clog.


2. A plunger also known as a plumber’s helper is a drain cleaner that opens showers, sink, toilet and tub. It effectively unclogs the trap area of the drain line. Combined with plunging action, the cup or bell creates suction in the pipe to break up or dislodge a clog.


3. A drain stick as a flexible rod or strap is easily inserted into the drain of a sink, tub or shower to remove hair. It moves clogs but is not long enough to reach the deeper drain line. Just push it into the pipe and pull it back. You can wash and use again some drain sticks..

4. To dislodge blockages in the clogged sink, a plumber’s snake is used. This is a slender a flexible auger. This used to remove hard solid clogs that cannot be pried out by the plunger. This hand auger has many names: toilet jack, drain snake or plumbing auger. To clear clogs over the P-trap in sinks, showers and tubs use it for your advantage.

It could be done for the cable is flexible with a sharp coiled head in and a handle on one end. Push it while rotating through the pipes as it bends to navigate turns. Upon reaching the blockage, the cable head digs through the clog. Hairs, papers and other obstructions are wound into the head, allowing its removal when you pull out the cable.


Avoid clogging by regular drain cleaning

The best way to avoid logging is proper drain cleaning. Just remove all the clogs to keep the drains running correctly as well as prevent future problems with the drains in your home. Take the time to clean the drains regularly, you can prevent blocked drains.


Small blockages can be annoying when you shower or use the sink and taken using drain cleaner or drain snake but a serious clog can be concerning. If getting rid of the clogs is difficult to remove, have them professionally cleaned. This is the best way to make sure the drains are going to be free of odors.


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