Salt Lamps Buying Guide

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Decorative and Health Benefits

Himalayan salt lamp is a popular decorative choice to any living space with its soft glowing color. It can be a decorative basket filled with pure Himalayan salt or a large solid piece that provides a warm glow through the bulb inside.  It is made from food grade salt which is crystallized at Himalayan mountain foothills.


Himalayan salt lamp is beneficial for air quality. Salt lamps are excellent sources of clean, fresh air and ideal to be placed on a desk in your office, living room or bedroom. If you’re not yet using a salt lamp within your space, you may be missing a great opportunity.


Majority of consumers use salt lamps to deodorize and cleanse the air naturally. Himalayan salt lamps are known for hygroscope which attracts and absorbs water molecules of foreign particles to leave you with fresher atmosphere. They can purify the air by trapping cigarette smoke, dust and pollen inside the salt.


Practical Benefits

There are multiple claims about salt lamps providing ease to allergy symptoms and asthma. Salt therapy using the Himalayan salt lamp has demonstrated impressive benefits to allergy sufferers and individuals having chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and breathing problems.


Salt lamp is also known to be a sleep promoter and mood booster. Himalayan salt lamp produces a happy and calming presence into any room. It also spreads negative ions and impressive molecules that produce biochemical reactions known to increase the levels chemical serotonin that helps in relieving stress and alleviating depression.


With basic understanding of Himalayan salt lamp’s practical benefit, maybe you’re now thinking of buying and owning one. With an increasing demand for Himalayan salt lamps fake lamps can be anywhere. It is important to buy salt lamps from reputable sellers to get authentic and highly quality salt lamps. Here are some tips that may help you make the right decision.


Color, Shape and Quality

Himalayan salt lamps are available in a variety of colors. White lamps are very rare yet they are purchased by people who require maximum light. Pink, red and orange are the most commonly available colors in the market today. Choosing you’re the shade of the salt lamp is very essential in effecting mood. While the size and shape of your Himalayan salt lamp may depend on your room. Bigger lamps are ideal for commercial spaces and living rooms while a 10 x 10 square feet lamp is good for a small bedroom.  


There are salt lamps that have natural shapes or crafted ones. There are high quality Himalayan salt lamps that are crafted by experienced crafters using specialized machines. Crafted lamps are created to produce customized shapes based on customer’s preferences. While there are many consumers who prefer the natural shape, a customized shape on a regular size is made available by sellers upon request.


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