Bread Machines Buying Guide

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Buying the best bread machine can save you a lot of money in the long run. But how do you figure out which bread machine is the best for you? This bread machine buyer guide will point out the things you need to look out for in a bread machine.


How much do you need to have?

Bread Machines come in different sizes and the size of a bread machine does not determine its price. Rather, the number of features and programmable options determine to a large extent the price of a bread machine. The price range of bread machines is from $60 to $300 so you have pretty much extensive options. However, if you want a bread machine that you can use for a long time, you should be expecting to spend nothing less than $100.


Bread Machine Features


  • Kneading Paddles: A kneading paddle is a part of every bread making machine and it comes in different shapes. Some bread machines have a special paddle for mixing dough and a replacement paddle. It is recommended that bread machines should come with two kneading paddles so your bread can always knead properly. You should also make sure that the paddle can be removed after kneading as well so that a hole will not be left in your bread after baking.


  • Delayed Timer: The delayed timer function lets you choose the time you would like your bread to start baking. It is a very important function, and one that you must look out for. You can prepare your bread ingredients around the time you want to sleep at night, set the timer to start baking by 5 am so you will wake up to see freshly baked bread.


  • Noise: Bread making Machines are guaranteed to make sounds or noise while working but if you are able to afford it, higher end models (the more expensive ones) tend to make less noise and may suit your needs if you are looking for bread making machines that do not make a lot of noise.


  • Alarm: Certain ingredients need to be added at a particular stage of the bread making process and sometimes you will need an alarm to notify you that it is time to add those ingredients.


  • Programmable Options: This is the major factor determining the price of your bread machine. The more programmable options your bread making machine has, the more expensive it would be. These programmable options are useful in controlling your bread making processes. Whether you wish to bake your dough without kneading it, or knead without baking, how much you want your dough to rise or for how long you want to bake or knead. You get full control of your bread making processes.


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