Hair Dryer Buying Guide

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It is good to invest on wattage

A high power motor is essential to cut down the styling time with more wind power but the key idea is to stay safe from the excessive heat. When the motor is not strong enough, you will often end up producing less wind but more heat to dry hair. As per experts, the wattage range between 1300 and 1875 is enough for home-based needs.


It will help you to control the heat at lower levels without missing the power. However, if you are buying a hair dryer specifically to set curls then you can also invest on low wattage because at this point your target is not to minimize the dry time.


Various heat levels

Hair dryers come with variable heat adjustment facilities but very few users know how to adjust them. Prefer to set your hair dryer to a heat level that suits condition and texture of your hair. The high heat ranges are generally suitable for coarse and thick hair type. While drying your wet hair with a hair blower, always prefer to keep your dryer moving because placing at so long at one place may cause damage to your hair.


If you have fragile or thin hair then you should work with low heat settings. Also, if your hair are just damp not completely wet then also you should use low heat settings to avoid over-drying.


Few hair dryers also come with a cool shot button on them; it is used to adjust the final look of hair. When your hair are dried up to 80%, you can directly move to cool shot to finish the touches. This mode will prevent overheating while drying your hair safely to maintain the style. The cool shot feature is also useful for curl locking; it can help you to set your waves to a pretty attractive pattern.


Hair dryer attachments

Very few people are aware of the hair dryer attachments but most brands offer them with the professional hair dryer package. One of the most common accessories that come with hairdryer is a diffuser. You might have seen very few people using this component but experts say that it is quite useful for curly haired girls. It helps to distribute hair broadly while adding a bounce to hair.


In order to achieve wavy settings, prefer to use diffusers with low heat settings. Another essential accessory for hair dryer users is concentrator. It helps to focus and direct the air to control the style and frizz. Many people prefer to use them to get softly waved or straight look.


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