Coffee Percolator Buying Guide

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Coffee made Right and Easy

Coffee percolator enjoyed its popularity in 1970s for brewing coffee even without electricity. This coffee maker is very in-demand among outdoors-people such as campers. Today, it is still widely used at community events and large group activities where a large quantity of coffee is often needed. Since its invention in 1970s, the technique for brewing coffee using this coffee maker had modified very little.


The brewing process in a percolator involves pouring your desired quantity of water into the pot’s water chamber. Then the course-ground is placed inside the top of the pot’s chamber. A heat source such as a stove or range will heat the water inside the drip coffee maker.


As the brew seeps through the course-ground, the liquid inside the drip coffee maker will slowly approach the boiling point. At this stage, the pot will make a spurting sound known as “perking action”. When it stops, the coffee is all set for drinking. Some coffee machine comes with electric heating element to keep your favorite drink at drinking temperature.


Take One-Cup Convenience and Savings

If you consider yourself a certified coffee addict and you just can’t go a day without sipping a cup of coffee, why not treat yourself a quality percolator? A good quality coffee machine that allows you to make an excellent coffee instantly in an old-fashioned way may save a good deal of money. Now, do yourself a favor. Certainly, there are many good reasons why you should consider shopping for the best one.


Enjoy Premium Quality

To start with, choose a sturdy percolator that’s made from premium quality. Make sure to buy a coffee percolator that’s made of stainless steel components to ensure the quality of your coffee and avoid potential health risks from ingesting aluminum molecules.


Regardless of the brand, your coffee percolator should be made of sturdy construction that could withstand to daily use. The coffee maker should also come with easy-to-follow instructions or manual for safety operation.


The next step is to decide between a stove top and an electric percolator. If you choose a stovetop coffee maker, you should watch your drip while brewing. The coffee maker could be removed from your heat source once brewing is completed. When left for too long, it may result to over-boiling which can release the bitterness in coffee and mask its distinct flavors.


Meanwhile, electric percolator can make a consistent brew. It automatically stops the process when brewing is completed. Most recent models of electric percolators also come with warning mode to indicate that brewing is complete.


Lastly, whether you are shopping for percolators online or locally, make sure to look for product warranty to ensure quality.

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