Aromatherapy Diffuser Buying Guide

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Do you need an essential oil diffuser?

Yes, you do as using essential oils in a diffuser is an enjoyable and effective way to experience nice aroma inside your home. Using only a few drops of essential oils, air diffusion process allows therapeutic therapy to deliver the aroma throughout one or more rooms. At the same time, it clears the air and creates a pleasant fragrant aura. A single kind of oil brings in the aroma but by blending several kinds of oils, you get a unique and refreshing new smell.



  • Diminishes unpleasant sense of angst and tension;
  • Enhances the immune properties;
  • Helps to maintain clear and breezy airways;
  • Keeps bad moods away especially depression;
  • Makes breathing easy and smooth;
  • More safety than using candles and incense;
  • Promotes serene and calm aura; and
  • Serves as natural insect repellent.


Which type is for you?

Here are some electric diffuser types useful with essential oils:

  1. Nebulizing or atomizing diffusers have durable machines that are the most powerful and best type. You will find this type in commercial settings as in offices of dentists or doctors, firehouses, spas, emergency rooms, therapist’s offices and lots more.
  2. Humidifying or ultrasonic vaporizing diffusers are also common types that create fine mists. One is different from the other as a few drops of essential oils must be added to the water prior before vibrations of ultrasonic waves emit into the air water particles and super-fine mixture of oil.
  3. Evaporative or fan diffusers blow cook air with the fan through an essential oil pad. This type is good and beneficial for therapeutic purposes.
  4. Heat diffusers are probably the most common type but they differ as some essential oil drops must be added to the water so vibrations causing ultrasonic waves will start emitting into the air water particles and super-fine mixture of oil.


Important features to consider in case you buy essential oil diffuser

Measure the size of the room and determine which diffusers can provide sufficient coverage. Consider the diffuser’s water capacity and determine the length of time you expect essential oil scent to last in the room.


Consider the build quality of the electric diffuser you buy. Some plastics can become corrosive with essential oils. The best way is to use high-quality diffusers made of polypropylene or polymer material for longevity in using the product.


Choose a diffuser that is easy to use and set up that only involves little more than putting water and your preferred essential oil into the diffuser and clean up. The size of the diffuser for those with limited space must have smaller footprint. Also consider noise, get an aroma diffuser that makes low sound.


Features like ambient lighting and tuner are nice added touches useful in comparing one diffuser with another.


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