Dollhouse Buying Guide

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Assembled vs. Unassembled Dollhouses

Almost all dollhouses, collectibles and toys require assembly to some extent. The extent of assembly required depends on the size of the house and the fact how complex the design of the house is. To keep the shipping costs low for your convenience, mostly dollhouses are shipped broken down into smaller manageable, flat pieces. This also keeps the delicate decorative details and corners of the house from being damaged while shipping.


Toy Dollhouse Assembly

Dollhouses designed for larger fashionable dolls with interchangeable accessories like Barbie come with separate panels that you have to set up on your own. The dollhouse can be assembled on the floor using instructions provided whereas dollhouses which are smaller in size are likely to be shipped pre-assembled and ready to be played with.


Collector Dollhouse Kit Assembly

Collector dollhouses are a bit harder to put together since they require multiple parts and are generally larger and more complex than toy dollhouses. Assembled dollhouse kits come with the quality of collector dollhouses and arrive pre-assembled for you to fill them up with furniture of your choice.


Size of the Dollhouse

Before you make the decision about which doll house you are going to buy, you should consider the size of the doll house. Where do you plan to put it? Do you wish to get a life sized-dollhouse or a miniature one?


Do you have enough space in your house for a big doll house, will it easily leave enough room for your family to live and move around the house easily. You should make sure that the doll house does not wind up taking too much space and becomes a nuisance.


Choose a Durable Design

You can easily find a wide range of budget-friendly doll houses available in the market, but you can’t be sure of how long they would last. In order to find a doll house that will surely last for a long time, you should take a look at the craftsmanship and quality of the material used in mind. This does not mean that you should not buy plastic models. Thick, heavy-duty plastics can be found that make very strong and durable doll houses.


Consider the Types

If a child already has dolls that she wishes to accommodate in a doll house, then you should make sure that the doll house you plan to buy that will be easily able to accommodate them easily. Keep the height of the tallest doll in mind and see if it would fit easily into the doll house.  You can also buy doll houses that come with dolls according to their size and theme.


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