Camping Stove Buying Guide

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    There are several options if you love the outdoors. What could be the best choice? It has to be both a stove and camping grill for your favorite barbecue, steaks, burgers, and chops. This is important since it’s impractical to be carrying a stove and grill during picnics.


Stove Type

In deciding how to select the most appropriate portable stove, these pointers can help you a lot:

  • Type – The backpacking stove is usually classified according to fuel used and stored.
  • Specifications and Features – These include standard boil time, burn time, weight, and convenience.
  • Usage – Understand the various functions of your outdoor stove.


There are three major varieties.

  • Canister stove is user-friendly and low-maintenance attached to threaded caps of self-sealing fuel cylinders containing Propane and I-Butane gases.
  • Liquid fuel portable stove is connected to fuel bottles that may be refilled. You have alternatives on what type of fuel to use.
  • Alternative fuel stove runs either on wood or pellets.


Power and British Thermal Units (BTUs)

Bear this in mind. The outdoor stove with more BTUs naturally possesses extra power. BTUs refer to the amount of energy needed to heat (or cool) a pound of water by 1 degree Fahrenheit. However, don’t simply rely on the BTUs since you also have to look at general design and position of burners in finding out the stove’s real strength.


Wind Resistance and Boiling Capacity

Many buyers of a backpacking stove frequently ignore boiling capacity and wind resistance. Some fixtures can boil water quickly but always have a big flame. If you’re looking for a stove that boils properly, get the burner that heats at low setting and the flame is not extinguished as you lower the setting.


A portable stove with larger windscreen can shut out the wind more efficiently. This is not important to some campers but it’s a major concern if you camp out in a windy place. It pays to invest in a stove with strong burner and sturdy wind guard. The key here is performance so you need to buy quality outdoor stove that can match your electric or gas range at home.


Intelligent Shopping

The backpacking stove is not only for outdoor use. In the event of sudden power failure, this handy stove will come in handy. It can be part of your survival kit as well during emergencies. Look for the stove that is lightweight with dependable fuel efficiency and affordable price. You may also get one with additional features for a higher cost provided it fits into your spending budget.


Be prudent in choosing the product from e-commerce sites or your local home goods retailer. List down your target brands and features you’re looking for before going out or browsing the web. Happy shopping!


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