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American flag does not only symbolize the country. For American citizens, the flag is a symbol of hope, pride and unity that even after the dust the country is still flying in the face of adversity. Started as a banner to honor the country’s freedom, today the American flag stands as an icon of world diplomacy.  

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Online Stores USA Stick Flag
These American Flag 4″ by 6″ is a great choice for parades, holidays, or giveaways. They are printed on a cotton fabric and stapled to a wooden stick. The edges are cut and it has a spear tip.
  • 4-Inch by 6-Inch stick flag
  • Made in the USA
  • Printed on a cotton fabric and stapled to a wooden stick

Online Stores USA46HFE_Spear_25pk

Rushmore Rose American Flag 3×5
The flag is vibrant, hemmed and stitched on all four sides with solid brass grommets. Colors appear silk screened on real durable cloth. Four stars because the flag is almost translucent on bright days. Easy to see the shadow of ones hand through the material.
  • 3′ x 5′ Polyester & Cotton
  • Celebrate Our Tradition, Heritage and Freedom
  • Vibrant, hemmed and stitched on all four sides with solid brass grommets

Rushmore Rose USA RRC3x5USA

Allied Flag American Home Nylon 3 by 5-Feet US Flag
Allied Flag’s American Home US Flag Set comes with everything you need to easily fly an American flag from your house or porch. Featuring a 3′ x 5′ embroidered nylon US Flag, this set is the perfect way to show your patriotism without a space consuming in-ground pole.
  • 5′ spinning flag pole with 1″ diameter
  • Included adjustable bracket and wall mounting hardware
  • The 3’x5′ US Flag is made in the USA

Allied 60-100-00601

ANLEY American US Polyester Flag 3×5
This ANLEY [Fly Breeze] American Flag is Made of Light-Weighted and Durable Polyester fabric! The Flag is strengthened by canvas header and two brass grommets to improve durability.The color is very sharp and vivid, and the dye has been specially processed for Fade Resistant against UV light.
  • Canvas Header and Double Stitched
  • Vivid Color and UV Fade Resistant
  • USA Flags with Brass Grommets 3 X 5 Ft

Anley Fly Breeze

OTLIVE 3×5 ft Home Garden Flags Printed Starts and Stripes American Flag
A nice, inexpensive flag for flying outside. Anyone who knows a bit about sewing would look at this and be disgusted by the quality. Several spots the machine caught the string underneath- instead of tearing it out and doing it correctly, the person just kept going.
  • Polyester, Printed, Bright attractive colors
  • American Flag with 2 metal grommets for easy mounting
  • Polyester material is relatively thin and suitable

OTLIVE 3×5 ft Home Garden

G128 – U.S. Nylon US Flag 3×5
American Deluxe Heavyweight Nylon Flag. Made From Heavyweight Nylon 210 D Oxford grade. Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes with Double-Needle Lockstitch with 4 Rows on the Fly Hem. This Durable Flag can be displayed either indoors or outdoors.
  • US American Beautiful Deluxe Heavyweight Nylon Flag
  • Heavy Duty Polyester Canvas Heading with Two Solid Brass Grommets
  • Durable Flag For Outdoor and Indoors

G128 G128-FLG-210D-3x5ft

Evergreen Enterprises United States of America Garden Flag
This American flag shows off patriotism and pride. Old Glory can fly handsomely in the breeze on Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Veteran’s Day, but why not fly these stars and stripes every day of the year?
  • Double-sided, read from both sides
  • Hand-crafted with soft high quality nylon fabric
  • Fade-resistant

Evergreen EG11220

Grace Alley American Flag 3×5
Quality 3×5 US Flag Made in US Best American Flag by Grace Alley US Banner Flag – 70% Polyester and 30% Cotton For Long Lasting. 100% American Made. Don’t fall Victim to “Cheap China Knock Offs”. This Flag is an Original Grace Alley American Made Flag.
  • Original Grace Alley American Made Flag
  • 70% Polyester and 30% Cotton For Long Lasting
  • It has ring holes on the left side of the flag to attach to with clips

Grace Alley US Flag 3x5 PR

Grace Alley 3×5 American Flag
This Flag is an Original Grace Alley American Made Flag. This 5×8 US Flag is Made of Durawavez Nylon to help withstand the harsh outdoor environments. Your Flag will be finished with polyester heading for added strength, with Brass Grommets.
  • Embroidered Stars and Sewn Stripes
  • This 3×5 US Flag is Made of Durawavez Nylon
  • Fade-resistant

Grace Alley US Flag 3x5 Embroidered

Annin American Flag 3×5
This American Flag, with sewn stripes and embroidered stars, is extremely durable all weather flag. This U.S. flag is made from heavyweight spun polyester and engineered to allow the wind to pass through, reducing the stress on the flag.
  • 100% Made in USA with Sewn Stripes
  • Embroidered Stars and Brass Grommets
  • 100-percent heavy-weight spun polyester

American 2710


American Flags Buyer’s Guide


Fly with Dignity and Respect

When an American flag is flying high above the landscape, American citizens gain a sense of unity knowing that they are part of the same flag with the same dream. It creates knowledge and hope that the country could still fly with life-altering adversity. More than just a symbol of freedom, the flag stands to instill hope and encourages unity.


Today, you can spot several houses in the United States fly the American national flag or banners regularly. That being said, you can venture a guess why many people proudly chose to purchase a garden flag stand and fly the American flag right at their front-entry. Many U.S residents enjoy having their national flag displayed outside their homes or on their vehicles for different reasons.


Many American citizens display the national flag during special occasions. This includes during the National Flag week that leads to America’s Flag on every 14th of June or around July 4 in celebration of the country’s Independence Day.


Owning a Piece of History

Whether you decide to fly the colors on special occasions or 24/7, it is imperative that the American flag is displayed with respect and dignity it deserves. American flags and banners are widely available in different materials and make. There are all-weather nylon flags with durable construction designed to withstand on high wind situations and the harsh weather conditions.  There are also garden printed American banners with embroidered stars, brass grommets and sewn stripes for visible and beautiful presentation.


American flags made of fabrics are great for home and business decoration when you need to splash the bright flying colors especially during special occasions. American roll bunting made of cotton and heavy duty polyester are made specifically for outdoor use and the best options for your front door.


Depending on your personal requirements there are durable and highly effective decorative bases to choose from. You can opt for decorative poles that can hold multiple flags at once. If you’re looking for durable mounting for your chosen banner you can chose from a wide range of mounting options from sleeve, grommets, rope ties and magnet.


Evoke the Patriotic Spirit

Sometimes, American flags are perfect gifts to patriots, retirees and grandparents. At the sight of bright stars and stripes are sweet reminders of the country’s victory and patriotic spirit. There are hand-made American flags where every piece of details is carefully crafted to ensure quality and presentation.


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