Bookcase Buying Guide

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While most bookshelves rest against a wall, you can find divider models that will sit in the middle of rooms to divide the space into two separate portions. You could go for a large tower design if you want a bookcase to serve as the main focal point for decor.

If you want something more contemporary, you could opt for an open-concept model. There are different shapes and sizes available today. Here are some tips for you on how to choose the right book case.


Consider the size

Check twice when you’re looking at the size. Bookshelves come in many more sizes than most other furniture. Buyers choose a ladder bookshelf, a corner bookshelf or wall bookshelves for different parts of the house and seek different variations. Before you choose a bookcase, ensure the product’s dimensions fit the space where you wish to place it.


Overall Shelf Space

It is important to consider how much space utility you will receive. Try to get a bookcase that has adjustable shelving. If you want to ensure you aren’t bumping the books’ corners then you have to make sure there is enough head room above the spines of the books.


Types of bookshelves

Ladder Bookshelf

This type of bookshelf helps optimize space and adds to the home or office decor at the same time. They are ideal for dorm rooms and apartments. The lean-in design is quite charming and ensures there is a lot of space for other items.


Corner Bookshelf

The corner bookshelf works well for smaller spaces. They look great and provide an even flow over the house’s corners. It adds to the decor nicely by redistributing usable space in overlooked portions of the room.


Tower Bookshelf

This type of bookshelf is able to divide the space in larger rooms. It usually has slender form and an attractive height. This type of bookshelves work by drawing sigh line upward in a room with a high ceiling. They work as great contrast pieces in rooms that have more horizontal lines. These types of bookcases tend to frame another piece of furniture, such as a sofa, a lounger or an entertainment center…and sometimes even a fireplace, within reason.


Wall Bookshelves

A wall mounted bookshelf is great for anyone who doesn’t have much floor space for extra furniture. On the other hand, someone who has no idea what to do with excess wall space can also opt for a wall bookshelf. An ideal bookshelf is usually placed at eye level. There are several elegant and even rustic models to choose from.


What else to consider?

Think about the care and maintenance a bookshelf would need. Beware of things like moisture, mildew and sunlight exposure. Try choosing a bookcase with hinged doors or sliding glass for better protection.


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