Children’s Outdoor Inflatable Bouncers Buying Guide

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Why to choose some particular bouncer? In order to ensure the durability and safety of the bouncer, you need to search for the one that is well made and provides excellent safety measures. Since the bouncers are made of strong vinyl they are fire retardant and waterproof.

The stress points and the corners should be concealed with double stitching and extra stitching in order to give the needed comfort. Some of the large bouncers are rated as commercial and are more expensive, so when you are looking for the best product, make sure it suits your needs and requirements.


Factors that should be considered

The weight and height capacity of the bouncer are important if you want to provide maximum fun for your child. The bouncers contain specifications with the maximum weight and can hold up to 5 children with the maximum weight of 100 pounds each. These ratings can be used as guide while purchasing the product with appropriate capacity.


The age range and the dimensions

The age range should be reflected of the height and weight restrictions and every bouncer has different specifications about it. The dimensions give the realistic idea of the interior space that will be used, so the children can enjoy in it and have endless hours of fun.


Warranty and safety standards

Every bouncer should be covered with a warranty in a case if it is damaged and if it comes with electric blower it must have separate warranty. The materials from which the bouncer is made must meet the safety standards of USA toys and it doesn¡¯t matter in which country the product is being made.

The safety standards and regulations are different in many countries so you should be aware of this while purchasing it. The product also needs to come with a repair tools and needs to be easily installed.


Inflatable bouncers

These are large, enclosed bouncers that can hold more children and are used at the parties usually or some other events. There are different models that can be purchased on the market, but you need to take into consideration the age and the size of the children that will use the bouncer.


You might need to buy smaller inflatable bouncer for the younger children and larger for the older ones in order to avoid any risk to be knocked over during the bouncing.


The safety at these bouncers depends on the strong anchors to the ground or the floor and it needs to be resistant to wind gusts or pushing. The inflatable bouncers come with electric blower and you will need longer warranty on such products in order to inflate the bouncer soon.


The bouncing surface also needs to be strong and safe and to consist of strong nets. It also needs to be soft so it can protect the children while bouncing. A lot of the bouncers can have additional features like the game hoops, balls or slides and are designed for outdoor and indoor activities.


Open inflatable bouncers

When you are looking for open inflatable bounces, as a customer you need to take into consideration the inflatable slides since a lot of the models can be used dry or wet and need to have strong anchors. The rigs and the pits have walls but they are open to the air and are designed for few small children.

You will have to check the rating age, the number of children that is allowed and the weight before buying this product.


Ride-on inflatable bouncers

These bouncers are the balls, animals, trains or other items where the children can sit and have fun. There are also locomotives, bouncing balls and other similar toys, each designed for specific age.


Buying used bouncers

If you are searching for used bouncers then you need to check whether the bouncer is completely in order. Checking some punctures or rips might be hard to detect, especially if you are looking the pictures of the bouncer, but if you are doing it in person, make good inspection on it. Here you can bargain for the price and ask if the product comes with additional accessories.


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