Bluetooth Car Kit Buying Guide

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There is quite a large range of bluetooth devices which can help you accomplish a number of things. If you decide to add bluetooth to car, you should consider what you are adding it for. Is it just for music? Or do you want hands free calling so that you can drive around freely while you take important calls?

Do you want an in-built bluetooth system or are you happy with a plugin device to do the job? These are some of the questions you should answer before you buy car bluetooth devices.


Bluetooth Car Adapter For Music

Arguably the single most important function in a car bluetooth device, there are several devices that are meant for just this. You can buy low cost receivers which you can plug into your non bluetooth sound system via the auxiliary port. The bluetooth device receives the music from your phone and plays it through the car’s sound system.

There is also the option of a bluetooth FM transmitter, which is not only great for your car, but can be used elsewhere. The concept of the FM transmitter is to play music on a local frequency which can be set on the FM module of your car music system or any other radio enabled music system.


USB Enabled Bluetooth Devices

Further up the range from a plain old bluetooth receiver and FM transmitter is a portable charger for the car, equipped with USB ports and bluetooth with music control. This gives you incredible utility. It is also very cost effective, usually the priced is between $12 – $25 online.

However, this device is meant only to add bluetooth to car. It is not portable like the FM transmitter, so you will not be able to take it out when going hiking, camping or just out for a picnic.


Bluetooth devices with display

Enabled with an equalizer and some handy display features, these devices are also FM transmitters, receivers and come with USB ports. Think of it as every bluetooth car adapter we’ve discussed so far, but with a small color display to make things even better.


Bluetooth Cassette

If you’ve got an old car with nothing but a cassette deck, don’t worry. The bluetooth cassette has you covered. Just plug it into the deck after connecting it to your mobile device and it will play what you are playing through the cassette deck. This clever bluetooth car adapter is an incredible innovation and will work with any cassette deck.


Car bluetooth speakers

If your car does not have a working sound system, you can replace it with these powerful and small speakers that will connect to your mobile device via bluetooth.


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