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Showcase your Creativity

In 1801, a geography teacher in Scotland named James Pillans developed the first modern blackboard. Meanwhile, a patent of cork bulletin board was first issued in 1924 by George Brooks and since then, this patent has been a mainstay in offices, universities and homes around the world. In the year 2010, digital signage display began replacing bulletin boards with the hope to reduce clutter and offer the public with real-time information.


Since the beginning of its invention, bulletin board played a central role in information dissemination. Bulletin boards typically reflect what are essential and important. In universities and classroom settings, they are widely used to reinforce instructional elements and goals. Teachers can create calendar, graphs, maps, posters, photographs and other information relating to events, school goals or lessons.


In corporate setting, bulletin boards are used to communicate important information by creating a post or virtual representation of management system. In other areas, they are even utilized to make a place more appealing by creating a display artwork or seasonal decorations.


There are a number of reasons why consumers are in the market to purchase a bulletin board. Regardless of your purpose or setting, you can be able to find an array of options for bulletin boards intended for the sake of efficiency.


Enjoy from A range of Messaging Options

If you’re looking for something that allows you to showcase your creativity, you can shop for bulletin boards made from quality materials. You will have the options of traditional cork materials, magnetic to digital bulletin boards to cover you. You can also choose from an array of size, style and frame construction to fit your design. A silver aluminum frame for a traditional cork bulletin board will definitely match any wall decoration which can undeniably brings value.


A cork memo bulletin board with birch wood frame is also a very popular choice to create a classic background for your ads and campaigns. A bulletin board made from dual construction of a traditional cork surface and white dry erase board has two opaque interior pockets to enjoy versatility. It can easily blend to all types of office, classroom or home decor. This cork board combo provides a range of messaging options that you can easily mount on your walls to make a display and writing wall announcement.


Simple Style yet Superior Functionality

When buying a bulletin board, make sure to invest from quality made that can hold up against wear and tear. A bulletin board with simple style, superior functionality and durable construction will allow you to enjoy your display surface year after year. Leading bulletin board manufacturers create solutions that perfectly work for you in style, quality, function and price. Therefore, it makes sense to buy a bulletin board that meets or exceed the industry standards by looking for ANSI/BIFMA certification.

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