Bird Feeder Buying Guide

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Attractive Features to Enjoy

Bird feeders make frequent appearance in a birder’s backyard for bird watching. Many homeowners keep webcams on their bird feeders where these species congregate. Bird feeders come in a wide range of types, designs, prices and sizes. Buying the right bird feeder for your yard will entirely depend on your preferences, the types of birds you want to attract and budget. Here are few steps you can do to choose the right device that fits to your needs and pocket.


If you want to attract the widest variety of flock, you can provide many different types of bird feeders carrying a variety of bird food. Birders know that some species of birds will more likely use one kind of bird feeder over another. To cater the right kind of specie, you want to know the different types of feeders in order to choose the most appropriate device to purchase. Here is a rundown of the different kinds of feeders in the market.


Durable Construction and Ease of Maintenance

Platform or tray bird feeders can attract a wide variety of seed-eating species including House sparrows, starlings and pigeons. An ideal tray feeder should have a screen bottom that promotes drainage so droppings won’t soil the bird food. While tray feeders do not generally provide protection against snow, rain, chipmunks and squirrels, it is important to consider making an effective baffle on its suspension chain. Choose from the most recent models of tray bird feeders because they already have roof constructed on the trays to offer protection from rain and snow.


House bird feeder can protect the bird food from the weather and droppings. House feeders, also known as hopper feeders, can attract most feeder species such as jays, buntings and finches however they may also provide an open invitation to squirrel. Many people choose hopper feeders because they can hold enough bird food to last for a number of days. If choose to purchase a house feeder, be sure not to allow the seeds to get wet or else this can be very dangerous to birds.


Choosing the Right Kind for the Best Results

Both window and tube feeders provide convenience and they offer a wonderful, closeup view of birds. Most window and tube feeders come with efficient designs that make cleaning, maintaining and filling of feeders easy and convenient for backyard birders. Tube feeders come with hollow tubes that will keep the bird food fairly dry and safe for birds. They also somewhat provide protection against squirrel since the seeds are safely protected and placed inside the plastic tube. The size of the perches below the tube’s feeding port may attract birds of certain sizes. So if you have a tube feeder with small perch, you will likely attract small birds like titmice, grosbeaks and finches. Some models of tube feeders come in huge sizes that can accommodate a dozen of birds at a time.


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