Power Tiller Buying Guide

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How it works

Each tine (set of blades) has four blades alternately curving in opposite directions. Number one blade and number three have curves pointing towards tiller. Number two blades and number four have curves pointing away to the tiller. Some tines are pointing inward while the tines of heavy cutter are pointing outward to prevent clods of soil from accumulating on the blades. Working together, they dug into the soil aggressively, they are moving the soil away to avoid clogging the tines.


Which type among the three tiller sizes is for you?

Power tillers based on types of work accomplished are divided into three general categories:


Mini-tillers are for gardens less than 20 sq. feet in measurement. Loose and free-of-stones soil is great for planting herbs or veggies gardens.
Mid-sized tine tillers have more power than mini-tiller and are appropriate with rocky and compacted soil.
Large rear-tine tillers are powerful and heavy tiller category. They are fine for large spaces as an entire lawn that needs reseeding.


Choose the best garden tiller for you

You must buy the best garden tiller that is determined by three things; what soil type is your garden? What is the size of the area you need to till? And how much is your budget? These three things are the best criteria used for finding the right piece of tilling equipment no matter which size of garden you have.


What about a rototiller for your garden?

A powerful tool for the garden tool, the rototiller loosens soil in preparation for planting and to aerate pathways during the time plants are growing.
Use the rototiller when you want to loosen lawn sods sod before widening the existing garden or making a new one. The work of a rototiller duplicates the power tiller. If you have a garden tiller, no need to get a rototiller.


Electric tiller for aerating, composting and weeding

For more churning of already tilled soil to a softer, less dense consistency for better root development and easier planting use the electric tiller They have smaller, tighter tines that break soil into smaller clumps so you can easily rake the soil around with your hands as you sow seeds or plant bulbs. To break into hard, compacted soil, they need the force and sheer power. For that reason, electric tiller is not the ideal garden cultivator for establishing new gardens, but are effective for weeding, aerating, and stirring in compost.


Power tiller alert!

The best advice given when using power tiller is “Be careful”. Watch out for the rough ground and slopes. If you are losing control of power tiller, pause and later regroup. It is difficult to control a garden tiller that can cause fatigue and injury. Above all, try to find the best power garden tiller that suits you and your job.


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