Alarm Clock Buying Guide

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Starting the Day Right

Using the right alarm clock at your side is a great way to start the day. A purchase of the right alarm clock can mean successfully kicking the bad habit to the curb of waking up feeling tired and hopeless. A retro mechanical devise on your side that wakes you up can bring light and productivity to your day.


Given a hectic and stressful situations in life, you deserve a good night sleep and a nice way of waking up in order to inoculate yourself from stress. You may not realize it, but using the right alarm clock is also about committing to self-care and reducing the chance of stress on chaotic times.


Fun Facts: Getting to Know about Alarm Clocks

In the 8th century, people in China are already using clocks that are capable of sounding off at a specific time. The first adjustable alarm clock was patented in the year 1848 by Antoine Redier, a Frenchman. The following years, alarm clocks were evolving considerably adding and providing features more than telling the time.


Today, alarm clocks are widely available in three types, each of which using specific technology. A quartz analog alarm clock is commonly powered by batteries. The technology used in quartz analog is the vibrations of a quartz crystal that when electricity runs through the mechanical system can provide an accurate measurement of time.


Atomic alarm clocks are using electronic vibrations in an atom. It is considered the most dependable type of clock providing the most accurate time measurement. Digital alarm clocks are plugged into electrical outlet. The technology used to measure time is the electricity’s frequency that runs through the standard power line.


Buying with Confidence

For the consumer’s point of view, it is imperative to discern the right alarm clock from the worst ones. There are important features beyond its timekeeping mechanism that could influence a purchase decision. These essential features include the type of alarm, power source and its time display.

The alarm clock’s power source is worth considering even though it may be influenced by the type of alarm clock you are already eyeing for. An alarm clock that will allow a battery for backup is an ideal choice. Because your digital alarm was disrupted by a power outage, your boss won’t surely like to hear you blaming your alarm clock for coming in late.


The simplest way to get rid of a snoozing sound without entirely ditching an alarm clock is choosing the right type of alarm you would like to have. Most mechanical devise are providing amazing options of soothing alarm sounds or playing the radio. There are types of buzzers of clocks that start off at a low volume and increases as set intervals. Vibrating clock that could create physical stimulus is good way to start the new day.


The time display is another feature worth considering especially if you are skeptic about its look and ability to project time. You would surely want to opt for models that provide readable display, easy on the eyes.


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