Angle Grinder Buying Guide

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Improved Performance and Efficiency

Angle grinders are commonly used in construction and metalworking. They are prime equipment used by handymen to cut off, grind and polish discs in service garages, car body repair, workshops and emergency rescues. They also come in a variety of disc sizes, motors and safety features to cover wide range of tasks.


A side disc comes with large bearings that will counter side the forces being generated when cutting off discs. The most essential factors in choosing the appropriate angle grinder for the job are the equipment motor and disc size.


The handyman should also consider other important factors such as the power source, arbor size and rpm of the equipment when buying an angle grinder. Powerful angle grinders that come with a powerful motor and large disc are generally used for heavy duty jobs where precision is highly required.


Variable Features and Performance to Enjoy

With the right angle grinder in hand, you will benefit from high performance, safety features and long service life to make your daily work more convenient and much safer. The right angle grinder can meet the highest demands for safety and efficiency that will allow you to complete your metal project in no time.


But, with so many features and brands of side discs available in the market today, how do you choose an angle grinder that fits for the job? Well, you’ve come to the right place. With this article, we provide you some tips in buying the right powerful tool that will save your time and frustration.


Every handyman wants a handheld power tool made from quality construction to perform the standard grinding operation. While there are some side discs that go beyond the standard functions that can make any tasks more convenient for a handyman.


Beyond mere polishing, sanding and cutting, angle grinders may have more advanced features that make them more efficient and versatile to perform other tasks such as sharpening the blades of garden and home tools. When choosing a side disc, it is important to look for these advanced features and grinder wheels that are better suited for your project.


Get it done!

A grinder with flapper wheel type is intended for sharpening your garden tools while an aluminum oxide wheel is for any woodworking project. Silicon carbide is one of the most highly purchased wheel type which is intended for rounding, cleaning and sharpening metal. Brush and wire wheel types are ideal for lighter duty jobs such as removing rust and paint.


As previously mentioned, motor power and disc size are the two most important considerations to make when choosing an angle grinder. The disc size is often directly proportional to the equipment’s motor power. The greater the disc size, the more power your grinder’s motor has. A small disc size is ideal for small jobs and allows you to achieve more precision. While the standard side discs that are 4.5 inches to 9 inches can accomplish a variety of projects.

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