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Beach towel is specifically made to be used for a day at the beach or pool. It has its own unique qualities including the appearance, size, thickness and price that differentiate it from a bath towel. Beach towels generally range from 27” by 52” to 30” by 58” in dimension. This size gives enough space to lie down so you will not wind up with sandy legs.

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This beach towel is made of 100% Premium Cotton that has been specially combed to remove all but the finest and longest fibers, making these towels softer and more durable than beach towels made from standard cotton.
  • Generous size.
  • Ease of care.
  • Perfect blance between luxury and practicality.
Mezcla SYNCHKG114585 Oversized, 35x70
This 35x70 inches beach towel brings luxury to your home, spa on beach/pool visit with its colorful bright striped pattern. It is ideal for your vacation on the beach, a lazy afternoon in the park, or a chill day by the pool.
  • Retro Style classic design.
  • Super cozy.
  • Easy Care.
Exclusivo Mezcla SYNCHKG114585
Mezcla SYNCHKG108118 Gradient Blue Striped
This beach towel is super cozy with its 400 GSM of cotton (grams per square meter) making it much softer and more absorbent. It can be used for your vacation on the beach or a lazy afternoon in the park.
  • Eye catching.
  • Luxurious quality.
  • Machine washable & dryable.
Exclusivo Mezcla SYNCHKG108118
Cotton Craft Oversized Jacquard 39 x 68
This 39x68 inches, 450 grams Cotton Craft Beach Towel is made from Premium 100 percent soft Ringspun absorbent cotton. You can use it for picnic poolside or as a colorful bath towel.
  • Superior woven construction.
  • Brilliant intense vibrant colors.
  • Highly functional and durable.
Cotton Craft Beach Towel
Utopia SYNCHKG092407 Cabana Stripe-Blue
Stake out your space at the beach for you and your partner with this cool stripe beach towel. It provides optimal coverage and versatility. Use it on the beach or poolside as a vacation accessory, or treat yourself to spa quality towels at home.
  • 100% Cotton.
  • Very absorbent.
  • Will remain soft after multiple wash & dry cycles.
Utopia Towels SYNCHKG092407
Cotton Craft Jacquard Multi-Color, 39 x 68
This 39x68-inch multicolor stripe beach towel, with its superior woven construction, is ideal for beach, pool side, or simply lounging. It is made of Premium 100 percent soft Ringspun absorbent cotton (450 grams).
  • 2 pack.
  • Easy care machine wash.
  • Durable & highly functional.
Cotton Craft Summer of Siam
Utopia Cabana Stripe 4 pack, 30 x 60
This luxury beach towel provides optimal coverage, absorbency, and versatility. Generously sized 30 x 60 inches bath sheet is extra absorbent and practical for quick drying, ample coverage, or comfortable lounging
  • Set includes four large beach towels in cabana stripe.
  • Woven with 100 percent ring spun cotton.
  • Made from natural materials.
Pendleton XB236-55064 Oversized Cotton
The 40 x 70 inches Pendleton XB236-55064 Beach Towel is a supersized towel with dynamic blanket pattern. It is ideal for beach, poolside or hot tub - or an instantly luxurious bathroom.
  • Sheared on one side for luxurious softness.
  • Looped on the other side for superior absorption.
  • Made of 100% cotton.
Pendleton XB236-55064
Laguna Beach COMIN16JU021872 Plush Cabana
This beach towel is made of 100% cotton. Its almond colored stripe classic, fresh look adds a relaxed feel to the towel. It will absorb more water, last longer, and stay drier than a towel with a lower GSM (grams per square meter).
  • Thick.
  • Soft.
  • Large.
Laguna Beach Textile COMIN16JU021872 Pool Towel
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Beach Towel Buying Guide

 Making your Vacation Stylish

A beach towel is an essential piece to have when you embark for a long anticipated vacation. Unlike bath towels, beach towels can be able to maximize your beach or pool experience allowing you to relax on blanket that can keep you away from the sand. What makes the difference? You may ask.