Yoga Mat Buying Guide

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Why yoga is good for you?

It is no wonder why many people choose to practice yoga for its many benefits. By specific meditation techniques, it lowers stress, improves your mood and enhances your confidence. By increasing muscle tension and flexibility, it lowers risks of injury. Your body and mind experience a deep sense of relaxation as it helps you to de-stress and allows you to lose weight naturally.


You will find that your posture will greatly improve by the exercise. A yoga towel easily dries perspiration during sweaty practice. You can even bring travel yoga mat for your adventure. Therefore: get yourself a yoga mat.


Which type to buy?

1, Basic yoga exercise mat allows you to hold your Yoga poses for a longer period of time without slipping because of its slightly sticky posture.

2. The natural rubber yoga has both non-toxic and eco-friendly qualities with strong slip-resistant feature that’s ideal in doing strenuous yoga exercises.

3. Innovative plastic elastomer yoga mats are cheap, easy to clean and provide excellent traction and they are slip-resistant when doing Yoga postures.

4. Cotton & hemp yoga mats are natural and serve as good cushioning for yoga exercise due to their soft texture as well as absorb sweat easily.

5. Eco-friendly jute mats are perfect for all kinds of Yoga routines because of its natural breathing quality.


When buying a yoga mat, look for this kind

The material must be PVC or rubber, to give you a better grip in doing different Yoga poses. Opt for natural mats like Jute or others a thickness is important when you do postures where you but put all your weight on the crown of your head. Polyurethane and PVC, rubber mats have no added texture, while cotton and Jute mats have a bit more natural texture that gives additional traction.


Unique designs, cool colors and different patterns are ideal for a travel yoga mat to contribute to your overall experience. Add more fun, use your cool and unique designed mats and hear others praise your creativity during your yoga sessions!


Care for yoga mat

Clean it: moisten a washcloth in a mix consisting of warm water ( 2 caps) and dish soap ( 4 drops) then rub lightly the mat without scrubbing. To air dry, hang the newly washed mat over your shower rod.
Roll it up: After a strenuous yoga class, roll up the yoga bag, and slip it on its bag for your next class. Never roll up the mat after a sweat session.
Do not lend it: While it’s good karma to share with others, do not let others borrow your mat as sharing germs is not part of karma.


Where to shop?

You can purchase your Yoga exercise mat, travel yoga mat and even Yoga towel from sporting goods stores and department stores or find the best price by shopping online at As yoga becomes increasingly popular, yoga products have become commonplace.


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