Hand Punch Buying Guide

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Which type of punches?

Hand punch tools are of two types. The hollow punch is designed to puncture a surface and to create a hole. It is easily identified by the exit hole located near the working end. Unwanted materials exit through this hole. Solid punch, the other type, is a single-piece rod-shaped tool that is made of metal designed to be struck by a hammer.


Hand punches and c rafts

Hand punch will be a great asset in every arts and crafts project. People with an eye for crafts use punches to produce multidimensional designs. Floral punches range from whimsical forms to realistic versions like floral patterns or nature and outdoor designs. For art projects, stamp a few patterns into thicker paper and paint on stems and leaves for a creative look. For scrapbooking papers, use circular shapes as hole punches. Swirling shapes produce nautical theme for borders. They really stand out when placed alongside contrasting colors.


Consider these useful punches

Leather hole punch is a type of hand punch specifically for boring leather holes. Place the leather on a hard surface at any part of the tool set, then punch forcefully through. Cut and discard the small circular piece from the hole. The punch may be a simple metal tool struck with a hammer or an anvil. The diameter of the pierced hole may measure from one to six millimeters.


Today, many artisans work from home to create wide range of products for viewing and purchase around the world. They use metal hole punch to create exquisite jewelry pieces. Through these decorative punches, they produce wonderful patterns and images on metals that craft professionals manipulate into various shapes. Printmakers also used this type of punch on images they use in printing plates.


Things to look for when buying your punch

Your punch hole must be made from optimally tempered premium tool steel. The working end of the tool maintains the edge and it has longer shape. The end is hard enough to be struck without chipping or cracking. Purchase one appropriate to the kind of work it will do. Determine the diameters, sizes and shapes needed to complete the project. Do not work with punches near sparking working environment unless your punches are made of aluminum bronze or copper beryllium.


Hand punch tools are not only for carpenters, sheet metal worker, or electrician but for everyone who uses nails or screws at any time of their life. So it is better to purchase one from hardware or carpentry shops now. You can even shop online from big outlets as Amazon Com. and others. You may need leather hole punch for your craft project or metal hole punch in making jewelry, hand punch be with you all the way in culminating your needs!


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