Crutches Buying Guide

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    It is vital therefore that the best type of crutches is chosen to suit your situation, and that is where we come in! We have taken the time to detail a variety of crutches, letting you know all there is about the products and the benefits that come with each type!


Crutches are usually made from aluminium for a lightweight and sturdy walking aid; they are most commonly used following an accidental leg/foot break and are normally a temporary walking aid. Walking crutches are adjustable to fit your height and provide the upmost comfort.For additional comfort it might be worthwhile purchasing a crutch that has a built in underarm padding as traditional crutches can become painful with frequent use around the arms.


The two main types of crutches you can get are forearm crutches or underarm crutches; forearm crutches are better suited to people who require the use of a crutch long-term as they provide much more comfort than the underarm ones which can become painful if used regularly.


Underarm crutches can cause painful and raw underarms from the constant friction of using them to get around, however despite this the underarm style of crutch is still popular amongst many, perhaps this may be more related to the fact that they are a cheaper alternative to the forearm crutches.


Forearm crutches have huge benefits that unfortunately the underarm crutch cannot offer, not only is it more comfortable as we have seen, but it also improves the posture of the user with its extra support, and is usually lighter as well which also aids the support of posture. The forearm crutch is also simply easier to walk with, the design means that getting up and downstairs is much easier, and walking around in general becomes a quicker and easier thing to do.


With all variety’s of crutch you are safe in the knowledge that they are designed to be non-slip and safe to get around with, and whilst there may be a slightly pricier and more beneficial crutch out there on the market, both will ensure you are supported whilst you are healing.


Whatever the scenario, there will be a crutch to suit you, and following this guide should come in handy when you are in a tricky situation!


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