WiFi Router Buying Guide

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Your advantages from Wi-Fi router

Serving as an internet splitter, router gets Internet out to all the other devices, both wired and wireless. Your router networks with other devices; so you have now several computers, phones, and others, as well as multiple peripherals, printers, etc. It provides PC safety for it has two built in firewalls.


The first makes Internet connection works for all computers and the second is SPI that protects both the router and your computers by filtering out the bad. You can go anywhere and still be connected to your own home or office and lastly, your connection can be shared with others.


Will you buy a WIFI modem or WIFI router?

Wi-Fi modem and Wi-Fi router are the most commonly known wireless that receive and transmit radio waves. Modulate and demodulate wireless signals are sent by modems while routers are connected usually to LAN a wireless network without any modulating and demodulating signal features.


Routers have the best capability to determine the best path to take and including the direct data packets to the correct nodes, while modems, on the other hand, have no care about routing functions; they just want to make readable signals.


Wi-Fi router helps your wireless compatible device to connect to an existing network which is usually LAN. Your device (e.g. laptop) is enabled by Wi-Fi modem to accept a radio signal provided by your ISP to connect to the internet.


Getting to know your router

1. Do you know what modem router combo is?

Router allows multiple computers to join the same network while a modem provides access to the Internet. By connecting your modem to your router, all devices connected to the router can access the modem, and therefore, the Internet. Modem router combo can be an option if you want to have the router and the modem working for you.


2. Wi-Fi router can create second network

WiFi repeater rebroadcasts an existing signal from a wireless router to create a second network. Within homes and small offices, they used WiFi repeater to improve and strengthen the signal range. Get connected anywhere in your home and enjoy simultaneous connection with a range of up to 25 meters by using a WiFi repeater. Featured built-in signal indication helps to determine how strong the internet connection is.


3. The wireless router

As an electronic device, it works as a router by sending data to a device from the internet cable as a wireless access point so through radio signals instead of another cable this data can be shared. After it is converted into radio signals, the data is taken by wireless router which is then then picked up by WiFi devices with capability such as games consoles, laptops, smartphones, tablets and smartphones. You can use your wireless router to make calls over the internet, saving on expensive phone bills.


Purchase Wi-Fi routers and take advantage using wireless router to help you to enjoy your internet and to finish all your work whenever you feel like it as internet is available all the time.


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