Fertilizer Spreader Buying Guide

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Using fertilizer and seed spreader

Broadcast spreader does great work spreading grass seed and other lawn products in an efficient, quick and uniform manner. Maintaining an attractive lawn is a hard task. You must have knowledge about the soil, when if the proper seeding time and good weather. Every product application requires different rate of spread. Too much is a waste and too little is inadequate.


Proper application

Choose a setting that is adjustable for spread rate to deliver the product uniformly and provide accurate amounts all around, left, center and right. Determine the size of your lawn and deliver the recommended volume commensurate to the size. Look for affordable price of spreader that are widely sold in gardens and home centers.


Spreader types and how they work

Lawn spreader will help you manage your lawn and garden efficiently and effectively.

Use drop spreader on small lawns and yards with flowerbeds or sidewalks or patios. Be meticulous about lining up adjacent passes or the payload is laid too thick or portions of the grass are missed.

Broadcast spreaders are the choice of the professionals. They work best for yards larger than 4,000 sq. ft. and deliver their payload faster over several wider areas and without striping the lawn. After opening the shutoff plate, the materials are broadcasted by the impeller a degree of 180; that would be from 7 ft. to 11 ft. based on your walking speed and granular size of product’s size.


Why use a fertilizer spreader?

1. For even application

Without a fertilizer spreader, your fertilizer application will be uneven. Under application will lead to bare patches while over application leads to a burning of the roots and clumps. Both problems are easily solved by using a lawn spreader.


2. Many models serve your needs

Depending on your need, there are many types of fertilizer spreaders. Broadcast spreader is great for covering large areas of land, while drop spreader is best from medium to small lawns.


3. Keep chemicals off your skin

Never get fertilizer chemicals on your hands. Fertilizer spreader enables you to have accurate coverage without handling the fertilizer directly.


4. Time saver

Due to its calibration, fertilizer spreader saves time. Fertilizer spreader ensures that the fertilizer is applied across your entire at the correct rate efficiently, evenly and quickly.


5. Multiple uses

Fertilizer spreader is also great to spread seed and to salt icy walkways in the winter. You can spread tiny or big amounts of seed or fertilizer as needed after changing the calibration.


6. Money-saver

By using a fertilizer spreader, you are saving money by not over applying. By properly calibrating the gadget, you are guaranteed that you are not over fertilizing and wasting this costly fertilizer.



Benefits of fertilizer spreaders

Improve production yield

Most farmers have switched to regularly using fertilizers in their farms. Fertilizers increase production without negative effect on the health of the soil. Today, many small and large scale farmers are investing in fertilizer spreaders.


Fill manual labor void

Many farmers world-wide are giving more attention to machines. Using fertilizer spreader helps them yield high production rates so no reason to depend on manual labor.


Increase focus on accuracy

Farmers using manually-spread fertilizers are facing poor crop issues and low performance due to uneven spreading so they should focus more on using fertilizers accurately.


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